Wynonna Earp (S02E10) "I See a Darkness"

One of my favorite things about Wynonna Earp is how well they move plots along, they normally do not dwell on story line for to long before moving on to another. In this epsiode that is both a blessing and a curse, a lot happened and I do mean a lot . Sometimes though a little less might just be a good thing.
The episode opens with Merceedes attacking Nicole and looking for the third seal, the demon witch Merceedes is just not going to give up until she gets that seal and  frees her husband from prison and for some reason she thinks Nicole knows where it is. Just as it seems like Nicole is done for here comes Waverly and her ninja like moves to help Nicole. I have to admit Waverly was very impressive with her ninja like moves, leopard coat and all. Who says you can’t be fashionable while fighting demon black witches. During the struggles Nicole is bitten by Merceedes which release a poison into Nicole’s body.
With Nicole in the hostipal dying the team is bent on finding the antidote for the poison. While it’s a big job , if anyone can do it, these guys can. Wynonna tells Waverly they will find the cure and asks Waverly if she trusts them and Waverly says yes. Now remember this a little later down the road.
Off Wynonna goes to get Doc at the bar, but before she gets Doc she has a little talk with Rosita, if you can call it that. Wynonna apparently  has forgotten all the good Rosita has done as soon as she found  out Rosita was a revenant . She basically tells Rosita she is going to kill her after this is all over and basically forces her to go help Jeremy with finding an antidote and she doesn’t mean using her brain to do it.  Personally I was so upset with this attitude in Wynonna. Wynonna should have given Rosita a chance and yet there was Wynonna doing the judgment thing on Rosita just because of what she is. Bad form Wynonna, you of all people should know things are never really the way they seem and to actually suggest someone put themselves in pain because they aren’t as good as someone else, well that is just bad  form all the way around, I don’t care if you are the Earp heir.
Wynonna and Doc are back at Nicole’s house looking for clues when Doc finds fresh blood and off they go. It leads them to an old barn that doesn’t look like it has been used in years. Doc could really find a needle in a haystack couldn’t he. Yes Merceedes is in there with Sheriff Nedley and she is beating him up but Nedely is holding his own. This was clearly the best scene of the show this week. Sheriff Nedley with his constant one liners  He clearly is a stand up guy and no demon witch was going to get him to break. Which makes me wish we had more of Nedley but then again we may, you just never know with Wynonna Earp. Doc and Wynonna ram the truck into the barn saving Nedley and kicking Merceedes butt.. Is there anything that Wynonna and Doc can’t do when they are together, I don’t think so. Side note when they found the barn  Wynonna said to Doc  that if she didn’t know better he was trying to get her pregnant again, and that sly grin Doc gave her led me to let out a hell yes. I am going to hang my hat on that. I will take anything at this point that gives me hope Doc is the father.
Meanwhile back in town Dolls is telling Waverly that if she has to give Beth the third seal he will help protect her against Wynonna. While I can follow his logic does not mean I agree with it. Yes Dolls thinks fighting the demons with Ncole is better than without her makes sense to some degree telling Waverly to betray Wynonna is not good. Hasn’t Wynonna always found a way, yes she has you just got to trust her. Right Waverly?
Waverly walks into Nicole’s hostipal room to find another woman there, a doctor maybe. Well yes she is a doctor but also Nicole’s wife, huh? I am not really sure why this was done. It did not feel right and for me felt like an afterthought, out of left field. the fact that she knew all about Waverly and Waverly knew nothing about her was just awkward    and in a epsiode that already had so much going on this was just a  nusiance. Sorry Wynonna but in a season where everything seems to fit this did not.
Somewhere in all of this we manage to run into The Order as well. Dolls finds them just as they finished burning Tucker’s body, after some conversation they let it slipped Dolls was kidnapped as a child and they offer to take and care and protect Wynonna’s baby. At first that was another what the moment but after some reflection it makes sense. They can help keep the baby safe while Wynonna can keep doing what she needs to do. Let’s face it no matter what we all need good child care and in Wynonna’s case ,taking your child to work just isn’t doable on a day to day basis. You know with all those pesky demons and fire arms flying around.
Waverly feeling pressured goes to the nurse’s desk and makes a deal with the Iron witch  is it just me or make an open ended promise with a witch a bad thing? Yes it is a bad thing a very bad thing. The next thing we see is Nicole and Waverly laughing as Wynonna enters the room with the antidote.. Her happiness only last for a minute before  Wynonna wants to know how, what did you do Waverly? We see Beth with the ring, the third seal in her hand and a completely evil smile on her stolen face. Oh no  Waverly you didn’t. I have said many times one of the reasons I over this show so much is how the charcters are not dumbed down to move a plot forward well while the did not exactly make Waverly dumb,they did sacrifice some of Waverly’s character for this. I for one don’t think Waverly would have done that and betrayed Wynonna, it is not who the character is and to make her do that was a lazy way of moving the story forward. It just didn’t feel right and worst of all Waverly  did it for all the wrong reasons. It just did not play well.
Just when you think things could not get any worse here comes the Iron witch wanting payment. Yes making an open ended promise with a witch is going to come back and bite you Waverly.   Greta, the iron witch, wants the trophy that gives you everything you want for ten years then takes your organs after the ten years are up, why? I mean if you are a witch can’t you get all those things without a trophy? Maybe she just said wants to look at  its, but before she takes it Greta puts a spell on it that wipes Wynonna from existence and puts Doc back in the well with no ring. That last scene with Doc screaming Wynonna’s name was full of desperation . Gave me chills. We are in trouble aren’t we Doc.
With no Wynonna no Doc and nobody with any memory of them and Beth with the ring I think Puragtory is in some serious trouble. Not to mention Dolls, Waverly, Jermey and us.