Ballers: (S03E04) "Ride And Die"

img 1585 - Ballers: (S03E04) "Ride And Die"
Spencer is masturbating in this episode of Ballers, while face-timing with his lady friend (Chloe).  Spencer is needing a release so that his Urologist can have a look see on the potency of those “swimmers.” He’s such a competitive man that although he has no plans to procreate, he just wants to make sure he can still play in the game…
Meanwhile, Mr. Siefert is up his usual sneaky snake like ways. Mr. Greane, is finding it very difficult to keep up with him and they are not seeing eye to eye on Free agent player, Kisan. Mr. Siefert, is totally disrespecting  his skill as a scout and Mr. Greane will soon realize that in the coming episodes I hope. In the heat of an argument Mr. Sieferts asked, “Do you know what subtext is?  “Yes,” says, Greane. “Then go fuck yourself! And that is about you!” Why is Mr. Siefert so envious of Mr. Greane I wonder?
Turning to page eight,  Ricky Jerret.  He doesn’t seem to “get it.” He’s not realizing  that he’s a screw up and nobody wants him around. In my opinion he seems to be all over the place, there is restlessness about him in this season. Maybe he’s feeling insecure and nervous about the baby and his new team? He doesn’t seem to have a real focus on becoming a better player, he’s resting on his laurels. According to Amber he’s a washed up wide receiver, sitting on his last two years… Maybe he should sit down and be humble.  While preparing breakfast, his father is scrolling through social media only to discover that Ricky’s teammates are practicing without him…Ouch! No invite? That’s very telling.  AND not even Amber (his future baby mamma) wants him around either! Ricky tried though. I will give him credit. With the specially delivered two dozen red roses…And she returns to sender…(oooooohh Snap!) Listen up Ricky, you have to do a lot more and work a little harder than that! And just to show you how screwed up and distracted Ricky is he enters the wrong house after his lackluster practice with high schoolers! Then to add insult to injury he throws a right hook at the kid who lives there, breaking his nose it appears…  Ricky just cannot get it together. Sigh.
Meanwhile back at the Cannabis farm, Vernon gets cut by the Cowboys. Thanks to his consigliere and leech of a friend, Fat Reggie. Vernon, has decided to invest in the Cannabis industry which is totally against NFL policy. Well that make his contract null and void until Joe and Spencer comes to the rescue! Okay, I will say that this scene totally grind the hell out of my gears because Joe and Spencer were off to meet with Wayne Hastings Jr! Wayne gave Spencer two hours to get his act together but of course he fails to make it in time.  He has to go basically go beg and kiss major booty to get Vernon’s job back first. I mean, that was an extremely important meeting that should not have been delayed. Vernon and Reggie need to learn to follow instructions! I mean come on guys, you were warned three episodes ago about your questionable business investment! My question is, how come Fat Reggie wont invest his own money into this Cannabis idea since he believes in it to much?  Luckily it all worked itself out regarding the long and drawn out met the Cowboys owner. So they finally head out to meet with Wayne Hastings Jr., two hours later and of course, they are now stuck in major Miami traffic. One hour to go a quarter mile! So, the guys get out of that high end vehicle and walk. Determination in each stride. Well, Mr. Hastings is on his way out by this time. They are barely catching up with him as he is getting in his car with assistant Chloe (Spencer’s boo). Spencer is always charming and his convinces Mr. Hastings to stay and listen to this new & improved idea…Cant wait to see what happens next!

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