LWanda Jawar (Sense8)

How did you hear about this role?
I heard about the role from a local casting director- Nini Wacera , who is also an actress that I have worked with. I auditioned, got a call back and finally met the director Tom Tykwer with whom I had a short chat about the role. After our chat I was told the role was mine.
What made you want to play such a hated character?
For me as an actor it is never about whether or not a character is liked or hated. Its always about the challenge that the role demands of me.
What was it like working with such a diverse cast and crew?
I would sum up the whole experience as fantastic! The diversity in the cast and crew just made the experience more interesting.
Have you ever worked on anything this big before? I have worked in feature films and dramas but nothing as big and diverse as Sense 8.
What was your favorite scenes to film?
I have two favorite scenes.
Season 1- Superpower on the bike chasing Capheus who is driving. It was as exciting and exhilarating as it appears!
Season 2- Riot scene. ( By this season I was the Kenyan stunt coordinator so I worked with international stunt coordinators Morgan chetcuti and Swen fischer to train actors in the stunts. I was also acting in the scene.
Did you get to work with the rest of the cast?
Yes I did. Amazing people. Before we shot the 2nd season, i had the pleasure of meeting all the sense8’s in Germany where i was invited by Buff (stunt coordinator sense8) for stunt training with his company Buffy connections after season 1.
What was the weirdest thing you had to do while filming?
This was in the riot scene where the escape vehicle comes in reverse  and hits some of the rioters before stopping. Good and weird.
The most fun
The motor bike chase where I had to ride a bike up steps and the fight scene at the warehouse in season 1.
Did you get to meet the Wachowskis?
Yes I did, Lana and Lilly are for lack of better words; beautiful  people with big hearts.
Did you like the character?
yes I did even though we were total strangers
Was there anything about him that reminded you of yourself?
Yes, his ability to do what it takes to achieve his goals. That singular approach… I can relate to.
What’s a favorite memory of filming Sense8?
Meeting people of like mind; Buff the stunt coordinator that made my dreams seem achievable!
Did you do your own stunts?
Yes I Did my own stunts. The end of which accessed me training with Buff connection stunts company after season 1.
Was this your first role?
A thousand times no! I, have had opportunities to be lead character in both TV and Film roles!
What was it like filming in Kenya/Narobi?
It was amazing being able to showcase they city that I am proud of! I love Nairobi. And I will always be a part of anything that showcases it in its real light. Sense8 did this!
Why do you think the show touched so many diverse people, period?
Because the show dealt with diverse issues and did so honestly.
Why do you think the fans are so loyal?
Because the fans find a place they can relate. And in that space they can be real.
Do you think they’ll be able to push Netflix into giving them a 3rd season?
Whatever they achieve, I believe they have a platform in which they can ask honest questions.
Are Sense8 fans more intense/loyal than most fans?
Sense8 fans have an honest and free space! They can be real. I believe thats what they have been expressing.
Is there anything you’d like the fans to know?
That I am honest to my journey. And as far as I am informed what that journey demands I am    Present
What would you like to say about the show?
That it was fun shooting. That as many of us as was possible grew from the experience!  that we would do it all again!’
Anything else you want people to know about you or Sense8?
I love life, l enjoy adventure.  Im not afraid of risk and I laugh at the face of danger. All in all, I  know the things I would risk and I protect the things that are not negotiable.

cleardot - LWanda Jawar (Sense8)