Midnight, Texas (S01E04) "Sexy Beast"

So, when the episode begins, some guy is driving a car through what I assume is the Texas desert. He is driving a Cadillac convertible and talking on his cell and is a total douche. He pulls over where a hot blonde sitting on a picnic table (not sure what a picnic table is doing in the middle of nowhere, is this a thing in Texas?) and offers her a ride. She accepts his offer, and eventually kills him. Now, I get that she’s the Monster of the Week, but I’m having a tough time hating her right now. Really, I’m thinking she just did the world a public service, getting rid of one more rich, spoiled, frat boy.
Cut to Manny and Creek, having sexy time in the shower. Hey you two, remember it’s a desert! Don’t waste water! They finally get out (I guess they drained the water table) and she asks about a bullet wound scar. He’s evasive. He picks up his phone and sees that he’s missed a lot of calls from Hightower. Hmm.
Bobo and Fiji are talking and he says he plans to investigate Aubrey’s husband and the Sons of Lucifer, and Fiji tells him not to. He says he won’t. He even promises not to. Oh, well, if he promised there’s no way he’s going to be investigating. Because he promised. At that point, a woman enters the pawn shop and asks if a guy had been in trying to pawn a Rolex. He has. It’s our unfortunate friend in the Caddy. It seems he’s her brother missing. Bobo sends her to speak to Manny, who is able to speak to the brother and learns about the blonde woman.
Fiji asks Olivia if she wants to join herself and Bobo for dinner. Olivia refuses, then gives Fiji some relationship advice. Like, don’t invite other people on your dates.
A city. Olivia, wearing a disguise, is on a job. It looks like a high rise hotel. Olivia makes the elevator stop and drops in from the trap door in the elevator car roof. Turns out the guy stole a lot of money from a lot of people and one of those people want him dead. She makes it happen, noticing that a man’s seems to be watching her.
Bobo is on the phone with Fiji, telling her he just needs to change and he’ll be over. Except, his place has been ransacked and a swastika painted on the wall. I’m thinking dinner isn’t going to happen.
Manny tracks the succubus, aka Hot Blonde, to a tacky strip club (really though, is there any other kind?). It’s called The Booby Trap, which is actually pretty funny. He confronts her in the restroom.
Fiji is sitting in her house all sad. Her talking cat, who bears the unfortunate name of Mr. Snuggles, is telling her she’s been stood up. If I were a talking cat, the first thing I’d do is insist on a name with a certain minimal level of dignity. Also, has no one ever read ‘Tobermory?’ Talking cats are a really bad idea. And what kind of accent is that? Bobo calls to say he has to cancel, and then Manny arrives, saving her from further awkwardness. He needs her help.
The Scooby gang has gathered, and Joe is drawing the succubus. Lem says succubi only feed on men who cause pain. Again, not sure this succubus is any more of a villain than, say, Olivia is. Thoughts? Lem also says succubi usually lie low, but since it seems that all he’ll is quite literally breaking loose in Midnight, Joe isn’t so surprised.
Meanwhile, Olivia has captured the guy who was following her. She does a little, well, let’s call it creative interrogating, and he admits her father hired him. Ooh, Olivia’s backstory. I can tell this is going to be juicy.
Fiji has created a tincture that will destroy the succubus’s glamour, which is the magic that makes her look young and gorgeous. A hot spell, so to speak. They all take small bottles of the liquid and head to the Cartoon Saloon, where it’s Ladies’ Night, perfect hunting ground for a succubus. Handy that the Cartoon Saloon is also where the Sons of Lucifer hang out. Fiji finds him there, stops him just as he’s about to kill one of the SoLs, and she fills him in on what’s happening.
Oh, dear God, there’s actual line dancing happening.
Connor has followed her to the Cartoon Saloon. Creek tells the bouncer that he’s only seventeen and they go outside. Where she sees the succubus and zaps her with Fiji’s tincture. Her glamour destroyed, we see the real succubus and she is pretty much the opposite of a hot blonde. She escapes, and is about to kill Connor when Manny turns a blowtorch on her and kills her. Okay, that seems sort of anti climactic, for some reason.
So, the main plot being neatly tied up, we can turn our attention to the B plot. Olivia is going to release the guy. Turns out her dad was’t around a lot when she was growing up, and at one point married an addict, and when he cut her off and she needed money to support her habit, she started pimping out her stepdaughter. No idea how old Olivia was at the time, but I think we can assume that such niceties as legal age of consent were probably not high on stepmom’s list of priorities. Her father didn’t worry about her then, he doesn’t get to worry about her now. Okay, I’m beginning to see why living in Midnight with a vampire is so appealing. Oh, and all the guys who paid to rape her? All dead.
Creek shows up at Manny’s house and they start to kiss. Right there on the porch, in front of God and all. And they’re not the only ones smooching. Over at Fiji’s place, it looks like Bobo and Fiji are no longer in the friend zone. Yeah, I agree, that’s quite a reversal from last week.
Okay, four episodes in, and I’m glad to say the show is proving better than my first impression. If you’re expecting another True Blood, you’ll still probably be disappointed, and the plots wrap up a little too neatly for anything other than a Hallmark Channel movie, but the characters are interesting and (mostly) likable. I look forward to learning more about their histories. Next week, it looks like we might find out about the mysterious Hightower.
Other things:
– If I were going to kill someone, I wouldn’t do it in a glass elevator. It’s just so…visible.
– Okay, I admit it, I laughed at the sign that said Topless Women, Bottomless Drinks.
– Seriously, there has to be a better getaway vehicle than an old RV.
“The bitch was married. To a racist. He’s not grieving, he’s humiliated.”
“Something’s eating me like a taco.”
“Literally a hot mess.”