One Drop…. Two Drops….Three Drops… FUEL!!!!

You know the feeling. When you’re hungry, but you don’t know what you want? Well, that happens in television, too. You want to see something different, but can’t put your finger on what.
Syfy and James Roland filled our craving. Making history with the first Grindhouse TV series. “Blood Drive” is something that we’ve needed for awhile. Political correctness be damned, there’s everything we need. Candy? Smax has it. Sex bots? Aki cornered the market. Straight-edged cop? Here’s Art aka Barbie. Hot girls? Grace and Domi. Blood and gore? Oh hell yeah. If you expect romantic vampires…look else where…this show is not for the weak or faint.
You either love it or hate…there is no in-between. Now “Blood Drive” has rabid fans across the pond, as well as here. And I do mean rabid. Take these tweets:

Kay Zaine Retweeted PRIMO_J.D.™   

is a gift we must all cherish. Therefore needs to be a happening thing. want happiness too

Kay Zaine added,

Now, do these tweets seem normal? The answer is YES, if you’re a fan of “Blood Drive.” We want…no…NEED another season. This show matters. It fills a void that most of us didn’t realize was there.
Yes, it’s bloody, gory, and foul mouthed. It also has a storyline, great writers, wonderful directors, and amazing actors. It’s become a runaway hit on SyFy, a channel known for their hits. And for taking care of their hit shows. Bleeders, as “Blood Drive” fans proudly call themselves, have started a petition. Please look for it and sign it. Aside from that, we fill SyFy’s twitter TL with #RenewBloodDrive constantly. 
Wednesday is no longer hump-day. It’s “Blood Drive” day. This show matters to people. Something to enjoy and forget the real world exists for an hour. It’s fun, James Roland created something that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 
Fans are the heartbeat of a show. This show is no different. “Blood Drive” matters. The Bleeders matter. Let’s drive this bloody baby into season two.