Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery

pa09 399b1 - Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery
Lola Flanery

After watching Shadowhunters this season, the moment which never leaves my mind is “Dead Dead Dead”. With that being said, I set out to interview the star portraying the role Lola Flanery herself and ask her about her career, current plans and what holds in for her in the future.

1. This might be your year, looking back to the start, what were you thinking
about in terms of career?

When I started acting at 9 I didn’t have any specific ideas other than really wanting to act. My career kinda took on a life of it’s own after I got the role on my first audition ever. It’s such a crazy business so I feel really lucky to be where I am.

2. Having started at a young age in this industry, what inspired you to become an
actress? Who are your role models?

Honestly I first thought about acting because I want to eventually direct. I thought that if I understood acting it would make me a better director. I’ve always looked up to Angelina Jolie for that. She’s an amazing actress , as well as she directs and I also think its great that she uses her celebrity to shed light on causes she finds important. Those are all things I hope to do.

3. Other than being an actress, what other paths do you wish to explore?

Definitely directing and writing. I really hope to explore both of those.

4. Who is the person you most appreciate so far that has helped you through up
and downs?

My mother is the one person that is always there for me. Obviously because I’m 12 I HAVE to have someone with me but I really couldn’t have done any of this without her. Having her there means I can just worry about doing my job and knowing she’ll take care of everything else ..come to think of it I hope she’s always around !

pa09 764d - Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery
12- year old Lola Flanery.

5. Being in three shows (Mary Kills People, The Mist & Shadowhunters), what have
you learnt so far and how have the experiences been different?

The biggest difference between the shows I’ve been on has been becoming the different characters, but what is always the same , and what I have found for any show or movie I have been in , is how important it is to act while listening. Learning to be good not just when you are saying your lines but when you are listening.

6. Also being in a movie (Home Again) with Reese Witherspoon, what can you say
was your favorite moment on set?

I loved making Home Again ! I got to film in LA , where I was born so that was amazing. We had the most incredible cast, I mean Reese Witherspoon,Candice Bergen and Michael Sheen ?!?! The house we  filmed in was beyond gorgeous. It used to be Cindy Crawford’s house and her son’s palm prints were in the cement by the pool !! Another favourite thing
was that the current owner of the house would come and visit and he would bring his dog Prince with him, who was a beautiful white German Shepard, so between takes I would just snuggle with Prince.

7. What should we be expecting in the movie?

All the best things that a romantic comedy is !

8. While many will remember your role as Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters as “Dead Dead Dead”, what will you remember from the show?

Ha ! I did love that line, especially when those teeth came out. My favourite tho would have
to be when I said to Alberto/Simon ‘I’m a very patient woman’ As an 11 year old ( which i was at the time of filming) it’s pretty hilarious but I think it worked and came out pretty creepy.

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img 6665 - Seelie Queen: Lola Flanery
Lola Flanery as Seelie Queen in Shadowhunters.

9. The 100, have you watched it all? What role will you play and what should we
expect from your character?

I have watched The 100, all of it in fact. After I found out I got the part I had a full binge session. I’ll be playing Madi , she and Clarke seem to be the last people on earth after Priamfaya. Clarke has become somewhat of a mother figure for Madi , so I think that means Madi will also be a badass 😉

10. Can you tease some spoilers for the fans for next season?

No !!

11. What are your hobbies?

Any downtime I have I spend drawing. Officially obsessed with it. Before I started The 100 I went to comic camp. We illustrated our own comic book. It was awesome !!!

12. What are your favorite movies and series?

I could watch Mean Girls and My Neighbour Totoro over and over. The tv series I’m currently into is Community.

13. I hope to this again with you, lastly where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years I hope I’m still acting , but I also hope to have gone to University to study film and eventually be directing … and have a fennec fox.