The Bold Type (S01E07) “Three Girls in Tub”


I think this was the best episode so far. I completely loved it, I enjoyed every second of it and I’m sure I’m gonna have to rewatch it someday. A lot have happened again, it was emotional, it was romantic, a little bit funny. It had everything I was in mood for. I know this sounds like a classic The Bold Type episode, but I feel like this one was sorta different from the others. It was that kinda episode you could watch when you’re dealing with a heart issues and wanna be completely alone or when you’re having a friends sleepover and wanna laugh a little too loud. Personally, I’ve eaten a little too much than just one spoon of peanut butter during this one. But while watching TBT calories don’t count girls!
This episode was all about bath tub and shower, wasn’t it? Hook ups, break ups and the bath tub all over again! 😀
Ok let’s get to the point and focus on Jane first, as usual. Episode started with her having a great time with Pinstripe in her apartment, well, in the bath to be honest. She kinda said she loved him during that. But he was okay with it cuz he got used to people telling things during sex. But from this moment I had a feeling Jane is the type of girl who wanna have an exclusive relationship. And I was not wrong this time. It clearly bothered her that Pinstipe is seeing other girls. And she got an opportunity to write an article about a new dating app, where friends set you up with your match from their point of view. She decided to take that one and write the story. Girls picked up a guy for her and it was a really decent guy. They were on a date, he was intelligent, funny, classy, he was perfect for her if you ask me. And she started to wonder if she can multitask and date two guys at one time. If she is able to. She made an amazing analogy that when she grabs frozen yoghurt she always gets just one topping she doesn’t mix haha I loved that line! And it turned out to be completely true, she was assured about it when she saw Jacqueline with her husband on their anniversary, that’s when she knew for sure she wants what they have. And she decided to do something about her relations. She broke up with Pinstripe saying that she wants to have a normal relationship but it cannot be with him because he’s not that kinda guy who dates just one girl and she doesn’t wanna change him but she doesn’t wanna change being with him either. I shipped them and I was kinda sad for #Janestripe. I was glad to have Pinstripe on the picture again in this episode, I waited for it to happened but while watching hmm I don’t know, Jane convinced me that if he’s not who she wants that she shouldn’t be with him. And I’m on her side! I’m team Jane! The break up was totally friendly, quite opposite to the elevator talk these two had a moment before. I’ve gotta say the elevator scene was amazing, not to mention the elevator is kinda special for them, I mean that’s where they met at the first place. I had fun. And if it’s about they breaking up – I had a feeling he might wanna try to get her back and fight for her in the future, like he could wanna change for her after all and get exclusive. But I can be wrong with that so you just have to see for yourself in the following episodes! Until then we all may ship Jane and the new guy from the app! It isn’t a bad combination, these two, is it? And… does he even have a name? Let me know!
There is time for Sutton now. Well, I’m a little heartbroken still. Episode started great for her too, showing her with Richard at his place, having a moment in bed. They seemed so happy, there’s no secret I shipped them from the beginning and I thought they’re right for each other. They both agreed that they should organize a meeting for girls to have them and Richard getting to know each other. It seemed like a good idea, I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Well, it turned out – everything could go wrong. Sutton had to make some contacts with fashion vips for Oliver and she have eaten cookies with weed at some fashion connected event, got high and ruined plans they had with Richard. Kat got into a fight over her new employee with Richard. And Jane, well, she got drunk at her date and acted like she’s completely wasted. At the end they all were lying in Richard’s tub making inside jokes and he was kinda left alone at this ‘I should meet your friends’ meeting. I felt bad for him because he really tried for Sutton and they were so selfish at this moment, I know they weren’t thinking straight but still. What’s this? Who behaves like that? It was supposed to be funny, I know, they lying there but from the other side.. it wasn’t right. No wonder he got mad. But getting back strictly to the #Suttard. After all these things that happened that night and also after Kat and Richard got into an argue at his office the day after, Suttard had some troubles. They met far away from work and decided to talk. They tried to work things out, leave things like they were not so long ago: without getting closer with each other friends etc. but in that exact moment they realized that okay they might try to do that it’s a possible thing but what kinda relationship would it be? It’s not the solution you know. They realized they don’t wanna have this kinda relationship anymore. Well, it was horrible for me to watch them split. It always annoyed me that they’re trying to hide their relationship all the time, like, it’s 21 century so come on, people dates in office, people meets in office. So what? What’s the big deal? But if it’s that complicated for them they maybe.. maybe it’s good they broke up. I mean, they both deserve better. They deserve normal dates without worrying and looking behind all the time to make sure no one sees them. They deserve a mature relationship where all they care about is they themselves. And in that case, since they’re not together anymore I think we’re gonna see more #Salex in next episodes. That should be nice.
Kat is the only one who had no relationship issues in this episode. She was focused on her job and her new worker who caused some problems at twitter, made Kat, Kylie Jenner, Jacqueline and the whole board, including Richard, mad. But she managed it with this girl, she had to fire her but she made it with a litle of Jacqueline help. She tried to be a good boss as Jacqueline always were for her and Kat, but it’s not the way to always give chances when there are no chances left to give. That’s a huge lesson guys coming from this episode, sometimes we just have to stop giving them (chances) and counting on something to change when it still haven’t change. Sometimes we just have to quit, even when it’s hard, even if we didn’t wanted for things to end like that. When you’ve tried everything and there’s nothing left to try then just let it go.
Well, enough with these sad thoughts. Remember, everything gets back to the bath tub right? Episode ended with girls getting a bath and dealing with everything together. They didn’t let Sutton to cry after break up with Richard, that’s the perfect example of friends we should all look for in our lives! Friends who simply won’t let us go through sometimes alone. That’s what matters! So, may we all find them and may we appreciate them! Boyfriends come and go but friends stay and they are for us when we need them. So I recommend you all to get a nice bath tonight, after watching an episode of course! Everyone deserves a bit of relax because Wednesday is such a small Friday! See you here, next week guys!
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