Animal Kingdom (S02E11) “The Leopard”

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There are no words to describe last night’s episode. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. It was written Eliza Clark and directed by David Morris.
“A leopard never changes its spots.”
Where does one even begin?
#1 The Marco/Craig and Deran/Lucy Factor:
Craig in Vegas? You knew this was never going to be a GOOD idea. He was partying like a “Rock Star” sniffing copious amounts of cocaine and having orgies. You’ll never guess what happens though? Marco shows up out of nowhere with a hostage. (TOLD YOU. They should’ve never gotten involved with this guy!) It’s not like the Yacht job was smooth-sailing and don’t owe him anything. (Although in Marco’s eyes, he sees it totally different. I digress). Craig has been partying there for a few days with him though. We have no idea what he has told him. In his drug-induced, “Good lawd, it’s time for Craig to grow the HELL UP!!” Let us not forget Renn. He owes her so much money now. Craig can’t even remember the correct amount. So Renn will just lord that over him and perhaps BLACKMAIL HIM. I feel bad for Deran in all of this. It was nice seeing Adrian again. Maybe those two could have a go at it again. Start over and Deran have that legit life he always wanted.
Lucy: “Shut up! If you ever make me this angry again I’ll swear to God I will take you out. Do you get it?” Marco: “Yes”
Who would have thought that Lucy was a big boss cartel lady? She hid it so well from everyone. Marco is just basically a street thug with muscles that does errands for her. (I suspect there is a bit more than we know going on there between them.)  The kid they kidnapped was who exactly? Her boss’s son? She is reprimanding Marco over kidnapping him. He is reckless and foolish and if she doesn’t reign him in, he’ll be the end of all of them.
#2 The Pope Factor:
In my blog last week, I said that Pope would tell Amy about Catherine. I believe we all knew it too. It’s just that gut instinct. Pope’s character keeps on evolving and growing this season. It cut like a knife when Pope told Amy and her immediate reaction was to back away from him. I knew she’d never Fully accept him. It takes a very strong woman to love Pope Cody unconditionally. When I saw the look on his face, my heart broke into a million tiny pieces. You could see that he was shattered by this and he wouldn’t recover. The sad thing is Pope did this all because of what Smurf told him. In all actuality,  Catherine was not working with the cops. This all could have been avoided. He found out when it was too late that it was all a lie. Pope confronted Smurf and she admitted the truth.  Catherine could have been alive and Lena still could have her Mom. I love Smurf, but clearly this is a messed up situation for my favorite character Pope. What will he do about Amy? His brother Baz?
#3 The Baz Factor:
Wow! Things came to a head fast last night between Baz and Smurf. That was quite a confrontation they had. Baz has done his research on Smurf. He knows where the body is buried. He went there to dig it up and took her money. Basically ensuring he was hitting her where it hurts. Right now he thinks he has the upper hand. Or does he? He let Lucy in on his “secret” of taking Smurf down. Was that a smart move? I’d probably tell you no. We found out tonight that Lucy’s running her own cartel. What would it take for her to just replace (AND I mean kill) Baz & take all of his business? NOTHING. For all we know, she could be working him for all he’s got. Baz is too dumb and too blinded to see what is really going on. As of right now, he has the upper hand on Smurf. He calls the police and gives them the goods on her. What will happen next is anyone’s guess. I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t want to be Baz.
Oh Baz, don’t forget about your daughter, Lena. Another episode and you treating your daughter badly. She hears and sees a lot more than you realize. Treat her right.
#4 The J Factor:
A few points I would like to make here concerning J. I would like to call him Smurf’s “Mini-Me”.

  1. He is much smarter than his uncles think. The others take that willingly as if he was not as street-wise. (BAZ) and that is a fatal mistake.
  2. J will not and has never taken Smurfs loyalty, and hospitality for granted.

J is the wild card. He’s the brooding and silent one. (He has a shade of Pope to him in that regard.) He watches and observes from the outside. He keeps his cards close to his vest and no one knows the hand he is playing. What I see is a calm, cool and collected J. He is learning everything from his grandmother Smurf. This is all so he can run the business one day. “Baz better be careful, man.”
The Leopard Random Thoughts and Musings:

  • What exactly is the REAL relationship between Marco and Lucy? I feel as if we don’t know the entire story. They aren’t telling us everything…
  • What is Pope going to do about Amy? Will it be a repeat of the Catherine situation? How will he prevent her from going to Baz about the truth?
  • Baz thinks he has the upper hand. I say, for how long? Remember what Smurf said about family. He is certainly not. She reminded him. What will happen next?
  • J is the one everyone is sleeping on. He is the wild card. The prodigal one rising. If I was Baz. I would watch out.
  • Was Smurf planning on running out of town in the final scene? (YES)
  • The Leopard was a STAND OUT PERFORMANCE delivered by Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Finn Cole, Ben Robboson, Jake Weary, Scott Speedman, Molly Gordon, Christina Ochoa and Jennifer Landon.

Thank you for reading my blog. Until next week. We have 2 more episodes left until the finale. Enjoy!