Mr. Mercedes (S01E02) "On Your Mark"

This is only the second episode to this series, and I’m already hooked. I’m not the only one hooked onto this series, millions of others are also getting hooked and loving the series. Based off of Stephen King’s trilogy known as the Mercedes trilogy is starting off with a bang and smiley faces; lots of smiley faces.
So this episode we went into more of the paranoia of Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson)  and what its doing towards his health and contact with friends. And it didn’t look to well for the retired detective, having assault a teenager with his gun. Don’t get me wrong if I thought it was an intruder only because I’m not good with guns I would’ve probably put an arrow through that intruders ass. But in Hodges case he almost put a bullet into that teens ass but instead the teen got his arm majorly broken with the bone sticking out I love the gruesomeness.
Hodges also tends to reminisce back to the early parts of the case as well, which I guess you would have to do so in order to try to find clues within the new part of the case. But its also not so healthy towards Hodges experienced age of health.
I know I’ve said this once but your probably going to hear me say this a lot more times, I truly love Lou (Breeda Wool) her humor, her personality, its all what makes her an interesting character. And I’m sure that we will be seeing so much more of her character’s witty and awesome humor in upcoming episodes. I mean we have to, I’m pretty sure theres also a fan base happening for Lou as well, I mean there would have to be like I said shes an interesting character.
We also got a secret come to light about our retired detective, apparently his nickname from Ireland was Kermit. I’m sure we all laughed about it too because I mean come on first thought that comes to our minds is Kermit the frog. Which now it makes me wonder how in the hell did he get that nickname in Ireland. Maybe it will come to light sooner or later.
Overall this episode was really good, and didn’t disappoint any of us.
Next episode: Mr.Mercedes (S01E03):”Cloudy, With a Chance of Mayhem” airs Wednesday August 23, 2017