The Mist (S01E09) "The Waking Dream"

Alright, so this episode did have quite a lot that it revealed, and I have to say that I’m very satisfied with everything that we’ve gotten this first season. We have only one episode left for this season. And this episode left us with questions–questions that we hope are answered in the season finale next week. But let’s get to this review for this episode.
So beginning right where we left off in episode 8, Kevin (Morgan Spector) awakes in Adrian’s home with the mist veiling upon him but, lucky for him, Vic (Erik Knudsen) stayed behind, not believing Adrian’s (Russell Posner) story about Kevin being dead. Vic takes Kevin to a building that isn’t infested with the mist. Kevin then has an idea about how to get to the mall, but will this idea get Kevin and Vic killed or will they succeed so Kevin can kick Adrian’s lying butt?
I have to admit, after the whole reveal with Adrian, I can’t see this kid the same way ever again. His character is now black sheep’d in my book. I mean, he raped Alex (Gus Birney) only because he has a sick fascination with her. I mean, this is the kind of kid that deserves to be locked up in a psych ward. Sorry, Nash (Philip Ettinger), I know that’s probably still too soon for you, but its true, Adrian needs to be punished for what he did to Alex.
After finding out that Jay (Luke Crosgrove) didn’t rape Alex, I still can’t trust that kid. I mean sure, he is trying to prove to Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) that he didn’t rape Alex, but that’s not going so well. Especially being locked up in a closet with only water and a light. Jay does have that pushy kind of attitude sometimes, but with that ending moment with Jay looking at Adrian the way, he did make me think that Jay is going to reveal the truth about what happened that night within the next episode.
We also had a death happen in this episode with the followers of Nathalie (Frances Conroy). With following a crazy lady in any series whether it’s Stephen King or any other kind of horror story; you never follow the crazy one, especially Nathalie, who revealed that she sees all of her followers as animals who are meant to be taken to the slaughter. Like Ursula (Laurie Hanley) and her husband who fell to their death and were eaten by rats. Nathalie and Connor (Darren Pettie) reach the mall, and Jay better watch his butt because daddy is coming to judge you.
All I can say is that I’m sure that a lot of people are going to be dying in the season finale. I hope that this series gets a renewal, but I guess we need to see what happens in episode 10 before we can hope for anything.
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