Killjoys (S03E08) "Heist, Heist Baby"

Since this was basically a filler episode there was were only two stories happening and I’m just going to describe each story in one paragraph. The Killjoys army is at a huge disadvantage. What could they use to weaken the Hullen. They come up with a plan to steal a special kind of bomb, a sonic disrupter, but where to steal it? Why Mole Miners of course. Time for a good old fashion heist! Dutch is in a good mood which confuses her friends who would think she would be more on edge. Something’s up. They go into the badlands where they find that Jelco is alive and well and husband number 3 to the Badlands Queen, Borna. With Borna’s support, D’avin infiltrates the Mole Miner convoy transporting crystals and the sonic disrupter. Unfortunately Jelco decides to crash the party but only blows D’avin’s cover and getting them both captured. Dutch and Johnny try to formulate a plan when Borna storms Lucy and demands they help her get her third husband back. As Jelco’s men are killed he tells D’avin that he was trying to impress Borna getting her the crystals for their anniversary because he’s in love with her. There’s someone out there for everyone I guess. Dutch and Johnny come to their rescue reuniting Jelco with Borna and they have a messy make out session that’s sweet but a little weird (because it’s Jelco and he always gave me creepy vibes). Zeph is upset when she discovers Dutch’s plan. Since Aneela is Dutch’s original source material if she dies then Dutch dies. D’avin eventually presses Dutch to tell him what’s going on and he’s upset as well. Dutch sees no other way to end this war without anyone else dying. D’avin agrees but reluctantly.
Aneela is searching high and low for Kendry but is getting no where. She tortures Gander but he doesn’t tell her anything. Brynn tells Aneela everything she knows which isn’t much as Aneela searches the ship. Brynn tells Aneela that the Hullen were only using her for her research. Suddenly her ship changes course without her command. The Hullen’s true leader is someone they call “The Lady”. Aneela accesses the green plasma and sees where they are hiding Kendry. Then using her spinal fluid she overrides The Lady’s commands taking back control of her ship. She finds Kendry when she’s attacked by agents of The Lady. At the last minute Kendry wakes up and saves Aneela. The Qreshi queen is shocked to find herself pregnant with who knows what but now that Aneela is back in control she can breathe a sigh of relief. Kendry sentences Gander to become a slave Hullen which is quite the demotion. Aneela tells her lover that The Lady is trapped in the Green and wants out but she has found a way to deal with both her and Dutch at once.
I would say this episode gets an A. It felt like an episode from season 1 which was a good thing because that’s what made “Killjoys” so fun and exciting: just old fashion missions. It’s interesting to see the parallel between the Frankenstein story and Dutch and Aneela. Aneela’s creation is coming to try and destroy her. I doubt Johnny will let Dutch sacrifice herself though being a soldier maybe D’avin would really go through with it unless there’s a last minute way to save the girl of his heart.