Ballers (S03E05) "Make Believe"

img 1647 - Ballers (S03E05) "Make Believe"Is it me, or is Season 3 riddles with testosterone? I mean, more than usual. This episodes begins with the meeting of the minds. Wayne, Spencer, Chloe (Spencer’s boo), Joe, Mr. Anderson and the Cowboys Owner.  This round table is full of egos. This meeting is suppose to be about the raiders, building a stadium and whose going to fund it? Turns out that none of these billionaires are interested in picking up the tab. Go figure. Spend money to make money right? 
Turning the page Mr. Greane seems to be at his wits end in this episode. Frustrated with Seifert, Mrs. Greane “cooks up’ an idea to get these two sworn enemies (Seifert and The Dolphins Coach) to come to an intimate dinner party. She feels that this ambush dinner featuring her famous brisket is a sure fire way to get everyone calm and in agreement. Well, the idea and the intention was good o her part but oh boy did hell break loose and fast! A huge fight is underway right after saying grace and Amen! In Mr. & Mrs. Greane’s house! Oh man! Talk about disrespect to the host and hostess! Cant wait to see next week. Seifert was laying into Mr. Greane pretty good as he tried to break up the fight between the two! DRAAAMMMAAA!! Jerry Springer style!
Vernon and Fat Reggie… Well, Joe got them out of the weed business just in time. Joe manages to find a start up tech company that specializes in Virtual Reality. Seems like Fat Reggie is on board with this idea and they all partake in a game of football that seems very real!  I’ve noticed that when there is a decision to be made on Vernon’s behalf, Fat Reggie always seems to use  the terms “we and us” often,  the Bromance is real here guys n dolls. The real kicker in this episode with these stooges has to do with NFL sending their “piss-man” to Vernon’s pad unannounced for a random drug test. Panic ensues as Vernon is not prepared to take this test. They stall the “piss-man” (as these guys call him) as they clean up and hide all of the cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia they call Spencer in a panic! Spencer, instructs Vernon NOT to drop one ounce of piss until he calls them back with a plan.
Vernon soon finds out that this “piss-man’ is relentless and is patient and demanding with this urine sample. If Vernon doesn’t produce, it is a test fail which means, he’s cut or suspended. Eventually, Spencer calls back to tell the guys to give in to the “piss-man.” Spencer had a meeting with his very attractive & most favorite ball buster Candace, shes the one that ordered the random test on Vernon. He goes to plead with her about easing up on his clients.  (side note; Chocolate looks good on you Dwayne Johnson I’m just sayin) I swear these two have a thing going on.  Lets see what see what develops as time goes…and I wonder what Vernon’s test results will be? Lets stay tuned!