The Good Place (S01E12-13) "Chapter 12: Mindy St. Claire" & "Chapter 13: Michael Gambit" Season Finale

The season finale of The Good Place was really the most mind blowing season finale of the television season.

“Mindy St. Claire”

In the first episode of the hour season finale, Eleanor, Jason and Janet escape the Good Place to go to the middle place.
There they meet with Mindy St. Claire, the only person in the middle place that has to suffer only living by herself and drink warm beer, listen to everything sung by The Eagles live version.
Meanwhile, Chidi, Tahani, Michael and “real” Eleanor try to make a case to Sean, about how good Eleanor and Jason have been since joining the good place. They have to keep emotion out of their case or else Sean wraps himself in a cocoon. Soon, Sean messaged out to Eleanor that they have four hours to return or Chidi and Tahani will take their place.
Eleanor decides to go back and bring Jason and Janet. We learn why Eleanor became the way she has been in the real world, because of her lack of attention divorce parents.
With time clocking down, Eleanor misses the deadline, but after she and Jason comes back Sean makes another offer and ask for one of the four to decide who goes to the bad place, leaving with a nice clifhanger for the season finale.

“Michael Gambit”

In the season finale, the countdown begins on who will go to the bad place.
Throughout the episode, we go back and forth to see how Michael came up with the idea for the good place. But mainly we watch Eleanor and the gang try to come up with who is going to go to the bad place and in a one of the most stunning moments of the season, Eleanor decides who will go and tell Michael that her and Chidi will go to the bad place.
Shocked from everyone, even Michael and Sean. Eleanor had figured out something that everyone and even us could have figured out, that Sean wasn’t going to send them to the bad place, because the good place IS the Bad Place. And with a look towards Michael, he shows a slow growing smile and laughs. Michael tells everyone how all of this came about and it was quite clever and tells the real  reason why Tahani and Chidi are in the bad place.
After all of this, Michael calls the boss for a reset, for which Eleanor quickly figures out something to get a message when the reset happens. She writes a note and places it in Janet’s mouth and as soon as Michael comes back he snaps his finger and we go back to where we first began, with the sign “Everything is Fine.”
But Eleanor is wearing different clothing, is introduce to the place and meets her new soul mate, a body builder. And gets a message from Janet that Eleanor wrote and reads “Eleanor- find Chidi.” After she reads it, she asked what’s a Chidi and ends the season right there.
This hour season finale, was really satisfying and mind blowing. The”Mindy St. Claire” was an amazing episode as it really shown the character of Eleanor and not to mention Kristen Bell gives one of her best performances as well. D’Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto really does still the episode with their goofy scene about trying to figure out how to have sex.
As well as the mind-blowing episode “Michael Gambit” as when Eleanor figured out that the good place was the bad place, my mind blew up and jaw dropped through the floor. Hell, Ted Danson really gave a outstanding performance as well. It was really the most shocking moment of the television. The writing was just so damn good and keeping it under the radar was just crazy.
Overall, I give “Mindy St. Claire” a 9/10 and “Michael Gambit” a 10/10.
You can catch season one of The Good Place now on and Netflix. Season 2 of The Good Palce premieres on Sept. 20th after the America’s Got Talent Season Fianle.