Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S03E11-12) "Kimmy Googles the Internet"/"Kimmy and the Trolley Problem!"

“Kimmy Googles the Internet”

Kimmy learns that her story is on the Internet.
After Kimmy gets invited to her professor’s dinner party, she thinks that it’s going to be fancy and while there she meets with Perry once again. They try to do their best to talk fancy and such things but soon Kimmy realizes that she wasn’t invited because she was the professor’s best student, but a guest to talk about her mole woman days.
Kimmy talks with Xam and finds out that her story is all over Google, from the interview with Matt Lauer to the auto tuned version of the theme song. Xam tells Kimmy that anyone can find someone on the Internet and show a clip of her at a spelling bee and after spelling a word correctly pooped her pants and still sat back down.
Meanwhile, Titus’ date with Reuben goes well until Titus learns that he has a daughter named Linda and it freaks him out. After going back and forth, the whole Linda thing ended up breaking them off their relationships
But for Kimmy, when Perry was to teach her class a way of learning, rapping to the beat, it not only was it going to be embarrassing but everyone in class had their phones out to record it. But Kimmy steps up and becomes part of Perry’s bit and free style raps about anything and kills off the students recording it.
This was a good episode, not a memorable one, but as in an episode to bush by the time. There were a couple of scenes that I enjoyed from Titus going from one place to another talking with Kimmy about Reuben’s kid’s name. And also Titus’ meeting with all the Linda’s in the HR department. The writing was good not as strong like some of the others. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

“Kimmy and the Trolley Problem”

When Kimmy is asked to be a guest on a college campus television program about her time in the bunker, she has second thoughts about it.
When Xan ask Kimmy to go on her campus TV program and talk about her time in the Bunker, hoping that it would encourage and inspire someone. Kimmy agrees but has second thoughts and talks with Cyndee, who’s at the end of the world convention selling bunkers. With no help from her, she turns to her professor and decides not to do it. It might have disappointed Xan, but it was a great day for Titus as he replaced Kimmy as Xan’s guest.
Meanwhile, Lillian is having a hard time dealing with moving on from her dead husband and watches a clip from her new phone of her late husband performing a song called move on. Soon, she got the message and when she tries to wake up Artie, he seems to be dead and rushes to Kimmy and Titus until Artie appears and has a device for his heart that is only going to last a couple of months.
“Kimmy and the Trolley Problem” might be a better episode than the previous one. Even though it was back to back episodes of Kimmy telling the bunker story, this one seemed to be better. The writing was really good, there was so much humor going from mostly coming from Titus and Cyndee as those two seem to have a real connection. Even the story of Jacqueline and Russ was really good and meeting with Andy Cohen was just hilarious.
Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
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