Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S03E13) "Kimmy Bites an Onion!" Season Finale

In the season finale of Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy must get 100 percent on her next exam or face getting kicked out of college.
When Kimmy gets pulled into the Dean’s office and talks about how she’s not falling through with her grades, she must get 100 percent on her next exam, in science, or fail college. After studying for her chemistry exam, she still fails but gets a honor degree with the name Jimmy Smitts scratched off.
Later, Kimmy thinks that she doesn’t need a degree to be somebody and goes out to apply for a crossing guard. But she has to take the computer test, which she passes but also another one has passed as well, the robot. The two battle it out and on the last test, which she passes but as soon as she gets going for her new job, it’s taken away because of her marriage to the Reverend.
Kimmy goes back home and tells Lillian, who’s also having a bad day after fighting with Artie of getting a new heart, about how life is like a vidalia onion. She goes on saying how she heard it was sweet as an apple and when her and her mother got one and took a bite it was the worst thing.
Meanwhile, Titus and Jacqueline teams up once again, as Titus spies on Mikey, he over hears his song “Boobs in California” from someone driving by. Frustrated he and Jacqueline head to Gordy and demand money. Soon Titus spends some of the money to make Mikey jealous but it really doesn’t work, so Jacqueline says that Titus will be performing on the Mets Cruise, which turned fun til Mikey starts kissing his boyfriend. That opened Titus up to stop singing and tell Mikey that he still loves him.
After jumping off the ship, Jacqueline has found her new calling card, talent agent and probably her first client would be Titus. Let’s just see how that would go.
At the end, Lillian goes to Columbia University to talk to the Dean about Kimmy and bumps into Kyle. He’s looking for Kimmy and instead of hitting the Dean with a hammer, Lillian takes Kyle to Kimmy in his DeLorean and makes a couple of Back to the Future references and as Kyle takes Kimmy to her future, a job at his company and she’ll be more of on hands with the workers instead of Kyle.
I thought that this episode was a satisfying episode. It had so much humor, mostly from Titus and Jacqueline, because those two really click with one another. I did find Kimmy’s Onion talk was a real heartbreaking moment of the episode and Ellie Kemper’s best scene performance. The writing of this episode was very good and the performances from the cast was really good, all of which performed so well. Overall, I give this epsiode a 9/10 and for the thrid season 9/10.
You can catch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 3 available on Netflix now.