The Bold Type (S01E08) “The End of the Beginning”


Hi guys! It’s another Wednesday which means we’re gonna talk a little about a brand new episode of “The Bold Type”! Hope you enjoyed it the way I did. There were troubles in Scarlet this time, but at the end, everything got exactly the way we wanted, and this was a positive episode for sure.
Firstly, I’d like to start with the beginning! The funny scene where Kat has to strip to get inside Jane and Sutton’s apartment made me laugh really hard, especially when this neighbor guy showed up and Kat said, “Hey, what’s up?” like this situation was completely normal. 😀 These girls are crazy, aren’t they? I loved the scene of them together in the morning; it’s a dream team if you ask me. And weird guy from Queens? I’d like to hear more about him! The three of them single at the same time? That must have announced something unusual coming. Group tinder date? Oh, hell yes! It was a great idea. I thought they should have a little fun after all the break ups, and somehow, they’ve listened to me and come up with this idea too! Unfortunately, tinder guys weren’t satisfying at all. I guess that’s always a risk with that thing.
Let’s focus on Jane’s life now. She is dealing very well after the #Janestripe break up. She’s being told to focus on her work more to get rankings of her column a little better. During almost the whole episode we sit there trying to figure out if Jacqueline’s words mean she may get fired because of the layoffs in Scarlet. She took that bad when she found out that her job position wasn’t safe and Kat knows about it. She picked up a conversation about it, and it was a little bit harsh.  But I think it’s for the good. She told what bothered her and everything was cleared up between the girls. She has been honest this time, but there was a moment when she wasn’t quite honest. It concerns her job interview in Incite. She didn’t open up about it to Jacqueline, and taking into consideration everything Jacqueline has done for Jane so far, I think she should have done this the way Alex did. Well, at least she told the girls about that job interview. The meeting she agreed to take part in made me feel like she was perfect for this position. But the whole episode made me think her place has always been in Scarlet. She even admitted that she loves Scarlet, and I don’t feel like she should give that up for some Incite job, no matter how liberating this position could be. A chance to write more like Jane Sloan. Well, truth be told,  it sounds amazing, but also the lady from Incite noticed Jane is writing like a Scarlet one. I think she belongs there. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take the opportunities life gives us, but in Jane’s case, I think she should think it over very well. It might turn out to be a failure, and she may regret that. At the end we found out she got that job and we’ll see what she decides in the next two episodes.
Sutton, it’s your turn now! Yeah, literally! It was your turn and you didn’t even see that coming! Oliver wasn’t there. She was all alone with Cassie with her hands full of work. And guess what? She had to take the initiative! This is the situation: either she does that or the photo shoot will suffer a failure, and she may lose her job because of that. She got the point saying she was the last one who was employed, and she could be the first to get fired. Everyone is freaking out because of the layoff rumors, but Jane was right–they should all focus on how to keep jobs they already have instead of worrying. And Sutton did the exact thing! When Cassie couldn’t handle it, she was thinking straight, and started to run the set. And she basically killed it there! Everyone was impressed, including me. I got really mad when Cassie took the credit for the outfit Sutton created. Thank God Jacqueline found out whose contribution that was! I’m glad it helped Sutton to keep her job. She truly fought for a fashion-connected position from the very beginning, and she really proved herself at it. As for her love life… Well, she couldn’t stop thinking about Richard. Accidentally, even the tinder guy made her think about him, because he was a lawyer too. She reached his voicemail, and I truly cheered her doing that, especially after meeting him near the café. The two of them are perfect for each other, but still I’m shipping #Suttard with all my heart. Alex should have stayed as her friend and nothing more. Truly, Sutton was a star in this episode. I’m happy for her.
Oh, you, Kat! From one side I feel like I should shout at you. And, honestly, during the first half of the episode I wanted to do that. Why are you still facetiming Adena when she decided to go to Paris with her girlfriend, not you? Why aren’t you trying to move on? I think the tinder date was a great idea for you and you seemed to have fun. What went wrong? You took the guy to the exact same place Adena took you, and you heard the sound that brought up sad memories. And suddenly the spell shattered. It wasn’t a right move, girl. I’ve got to admit he was a jerk at the end of the date, but before that, he seemed fine. Drunk calls weren’t a brilliant idea either, but I’m glad it turned out for the good. I forgive you all those stupid things you’ve done, and I also forgive Adena for not picking you in the first place. May the two of you finally be together and happy after all you’ve been through. May we all enjoy your happiness already? I’m glad Adena wants to come back to NY. She learned her lesson, I think. #Kadena feels are really strong right now! Deep down I knew it’s not the end for this ship! And if it’s about other things, I’ve gotta say, you acted great during the fight in girls’ apartment. You were totally right about the friendship you girls have. and doing things for each other proves that. But please, no more fights! Eat those muffins already and watch some TV together!
Together margarita’s scene is a dream time one, and it is also my plan for the weekend! How about you? Have a great time, everyone, because in the following episode, we’re gonna have a real roller coaster from what I saw in the promo, and we may need those drinks! I promise you it will be huge. See you soon!
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