Animal Kingdom (S02E12) “You Will Be Gutted”

shawnhatosy edit pope and baz face off aug 22 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E12) “You Will Be Gutted”
Last night’s episode they didn’t hesitate on pulling out all the stops! Written by Jonathan Lisco an directed by Larry Teng.
Who is really is the BOSS?
She didn’t become BOSS LADY by accident.
Smurf is extremely savvy, street-wise, ruthless and intelligent. This was all thought out way beforehand and no way in Hades was Baz going to run ANYTHING. It was always going to be J. He is her most trusted confidante, protege and blood relative. (Well next to Pope.) He’s the smartest and Smurf trained him well. Did life also train him for what was ahead? I would definitely say so. J is a survivor and he has those instincts. Last night Baz got the rug pulled right out from under his feet.  He got all cocky and threw party to celebrate his new “King of the World” status. Um…I don’t think so, bro. (The power he seeks is fleeting. As enemies are circling all around him.) Pope went nuclear when walked in. He was throwing a party?! When Smurf is in jail??! This doesn’t happen when all this chaos is going on in the family. “Smurf got arrested.” Pope tells Baz “I know.” Baz with his flippant demeanor. Pope clears everyone out. The party is OVER.
The Division and In-Fighting has already started:
Baz vs. J.
I have nothing but respect for Scott Speedman. He is a talent in his own right. I will have to be honest though. I cannot stand Baz Blackwell. That credit all goes to him playing “the character I love to hate” out of all the Cody boys. From my point of view, he’s a true Cody, though he’s not in name. Those stares at the pool party may be foretelling us a story of what’s to come.  Right now J is in a “rock in a hard place”. He has the power and control over everything. Smurf gave that to him which infuriates Baz. J knows his father is a dangerous man just like anyone else in his family. What would stop him from trying to take everything back? NOTHING. J knows this. He has to always be 100 steps ahead of everyone else. He has to look out for himself as Numero Uno. In this life, that’s what it all comes down to. Survival of the fittest. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if he is Baz’s son. He doesn’t care about  Lena, so what would make J any different. Especially when J holds all the money and power. Baz would just take what he wants by any means necessary.
Smurf vs. Baz.
I have to be totally honest, the lack thereof scenes of her brought me down. Smurf should not be in jail. Baz is a RAT. No one likes them. He is going to pay harshly for what he did. Smurf is the glue that holds the Cody family together. She always takes care of all her boys. We are left wondering how she is going to have Baz killed while she is serving time? Or will it be a short-term thing? Does Baz have her dead to rights? Will he testify against the woman who him off the street and raised him? How is this power struggle going to effect everyone around them? I can’t imagine things getting worse. When you really take a moment to look at things Baz = Smurf. They are thes same person, it’s just Baz doesn’t want to face facts. I just want to be there to witness Baz’s comeuppance first-hand.
 Pope for Lena.
I could not believe what I was witnessing last night. Pope is totally spiraling out of control. All for someone he loves, Lena. It was the wrong decision. Why would he take Lena to see Smurf in prison. A cruel torture for the poor kid. That was a really bad choice and Pope has been making such strides and progress lately. I think the switch flipped when he heard Smurf got arrested. Has he gone back to his old ways. I had certainly hoped not. Until he started going into banks and robbing them. 1 by 1, doing these hold-ups. He is by far the most understood of all the Cody brothers. We knew he was doing this all for Lena. For her future. My heart sank when he did this. We knew the guilt of killing Catherine was waying on him heavily. He figured this would be some form of repayment? I can only assume. I am truly worried for Pope. What will happen when he finds out J is not his son. We know he believes that in his mind. Baz will run and tell him the “wonderful” news. (sarcasm) “J is his son”. How will Pope react to this news? We watch and we wait.
Craig and Deran for themselves for now.
Craig and Deran finally went to visit Smurf in jail. They were in for a surprise though. She filled them in on the latest news: “J has POA (Power of Attorney)” over all her businesses and affairs. They were quite in shock by this news. They were pissed and didn’t stay too long. They are going to start there own business anyway.
J for himself?
Baz is basically the BOSS of nothing. J is the BOSS of EVERYTHING. It kinda stings doesn’t it. He didn’t get here by being a stupid kid. In fact, he’s the smartest one of all. It’s exactly the reason why Smurf hand-picked him to run her empire. He now has POA over all her business affairs. The problem is J is alone now. He can trust no one. He must keep his cards close to his vest. His thoughts must be his own. And he must always be 100 steps ahead of everyone. In regards to Lucy telling him that he is Baz’s son. J, I wouldn’t trust that woman with a 1,000 foot pole. She runs a drug cartel. Lying is what she does for a living.
Loose Ends: Nicky is now officially a problem. What about Amy?
Nicky is impressed with money and power. Lets face it, a lot of girls are. It’s clear as day that she doesn’t love J. She’s using him. He represents both the money and power now. That girl will hang off him like a succubus . She is too drug-addicted and needs to be rehabbed. I bet she’ll say “NO. NO. NO.” They always do. I am sending my boy J a warning. Get rid of her now before she becomes your biggest liability ever. Amy, she loves Pope…she loves him not? What was up with Baz going by her apartment? Better pray Pope doesn’t find out about that, Baz. Is it really over between them? We are left guessing.
“You Will Be Gutted” Random Thoughts:

  • Is Nicky going to overdose? Should J get her out of his life? Will he suffer repercussions from it? (YES)
  • Whose side with Deran and Craig take? Will them be Team J or Team Baz? Or will they totally bow out of the game?
  • Who really thinks they can outsmart Smurf at her own game? She has been playing this way longer than them. They better “Be Careful Man”.
  • How long is Smurf going to stay in jail? What will they do to get her out? Jailbreak anyone?
  • Simply NO WORDS on how EXCEPTIONAL last night’s performance of “You Will Be Gutted” Standing ovation for Ellen Barkin, Shawn Hatosy, Finn Cole, Ben Roboson, Jake Weary, Scott Speedman, Carolina Guerra, Molly Gordon and Jennifer Landon.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my review. Stayed tuned for next week, I cannot believe it’s already the finale.  Comments and Feedback appreciated.
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