Mr. Mercedes (S01E03) "Cloudy, With a Chance of Mayhem"

With this being the third episode it was a bit of relief to have some more humor than horror or thriller type of feel to the episode. Of course we still had the crazy moments with Brady (Harry Treadaway) but he’s the actual killer what do you expect.
This series is really getting good with every episode it gives to us the viewers. With how this episode went down it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) possibly die. I don’t want that fate for the kid, but he’s been seen with detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) by Brady. So you know eventually something bad is going to happen to the kid.
But let’s get to the events of this episode, we had more of an interactive with Lou (Breeda Wool) in this episode which I really loved, her character is so good I’m a fan of her character now let’s keep her witty humor going and keep her alive. There should be a team Lou, ami I right?
We also saw some of Brady’s past which I really liked it helped people understand just how messed up his psyche really is and those migraines I don’t think it’s migraines, I got a theory that something bad is going to happen like a split personality in the making or maybe it’s a tumor that makes him so aggressive every time it’s making his head hurt and the more the pain means that’s how much the tumor has grown. I mean you never know, we saw he did some messed up things as a kid like kill his brother.
This episode also delved into how Hodges is pushing everyone who was close to him away except for that woman who wants to find out what happened to her sister. But I guess every hero needs that lover to give them love to help them find something to fight for other than their sanity. Although I have a feeling that Hodges is most likely going to be having a lot of the police department against him by the time something big happens the department will probably blame him for it cause they always need someone to blame. Don’t get me wrong I know police officers do the right thing but the way they are portrayed on this show makes me second guess on some officers.
With Hodges trying to push Jerome away by buying him that ice cream sandwich, well I guess that didn’t happen so in some ways Jerome is still in league with Hodges right? I mean the kid never got his ice cream sandwich and I think both of them were really mad about that. And Brady driving away being all like “you try calling me a nothing, you got no ice cream” how do you like those apples?
Overall this episode was a good one and like how I said before I love this series, you are going to be hearing a lot of that with me with this series. Until next time my readers and viewers!
Next episode: Mr. Mercedes (S01E04):”Gods Who Fall” airs Wednesday August 30, 2017