The Night Shift (S04E08) "R3BOOT"

After battling my emergency situation last Thursday, I finally got a chance to watch last week’s episode of The Night Shift and it not only delivers on it’s on the edge thrill but there were a few bombshells coming to out hero characters.
The hopsital of SAM geta hacked and this time it seem more serious than the previous kind that other medical drama has done. With no machines the doctors are going back to the old school way of saving lives from treating a diebatic with an alcer to a kid dealing with a brian bleed and even an officer caught in an explosion during a take down of a criminal.
With a bad evulation from Jordan, Shannon proves that she’s a good doctor and tells Jordan about how a friend could write something like that, even if Jordan is her boss. Drew has a job oppuritny at Ranger school and hasn’t told his partner yet and when he finally does you can guess that it not any welcoming news even after he tells Drew about  maybe adopting a baby.
Paul finds out about Kenny and his sister have been spending time together and doesn’t take it so well. Scott works with Paul’s father after he paid the hackers and tells Scott about how he asked for money from other people and doesn’t have any to pay them back and might need to close some hospitals.
After a wild night and saving an officer’s life, Jordan and TC discuss the future if he’ll stay or go back. Jordan tells him an idea of teaching combats at the hospital, after telling her he’ll think about it, he gets a call from the doctor that he worked with in Syra and is imformed that she’s seprated from her husband and coming to see TC.
This was a really good episode, it not only brough an intense but so good drama between characters. I think this episode would be a beginning point of another change for out characters. There wasn’t anyone that really stood out as it everyone did an equal part of actiing. With only tonight and next week, how will this season go out in.
Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
You can catch The Night Shift tonight at 10/9c on NBC.