Disjointed Season 1, Part 1

The first ten episodes of twenty episodes of the new Netflix series Disjointed is streaming now and if you’re looking for a sitcom that just makes a lot of weed jokes than this show might be for you.
The show has its moments and not so moments. Kathy Bates playing Ruth Feldman gives a hilarious performance that’ll stick out at times and also gives some good dramatic moments as well. The supporitng cast works well with one another and along with Bates.
Aaron Moten playing Travis, Ruth’s son, is good at times and stands out in one episode mostly in episode eight where as his girlfend leaves, he imagines rapping in a music video. Elizabeth Alderfer, playing Olivia, is ammsuing, slow but enjoyable once you go into more episodes, especially in episodes two through ten.
Tone Bell as Carter, a security guard who suffers from PTSH from his tours in Iraq, gives such a notable and humorius performance. And both Elizabeth Ho and Dougie Baldwin playing Jenny and Pete are just witty and enjoyable as the others can be.
But Chris Reed and Betsy Sodaro steals some of the moments as Ruth’s dumb but best customers, Dank and Dabby. Nicole Sullivan plays to her usual characterization that she usually plays, it might be boring at times but it’s still enjoyable and hilarious.
The writing really pushes the weed jokes a lot and I don’t think it’s too much at all. Along with the show, it gives hilarious weed commericals from Kush in the still of Coolers beer and even Farmer’s Pot. But the Strand-O of the Day stands out as the show’s best stample in each episode and possible the strongest comedy bit. And when you get down to the tenth episode, Bates does give a good performance of both comedy and drama.
Is it one of the best sitcoms of the decade? No, but the series has something that is enjoyable. Bates and the cast play well in this workplace sitcom that’s all about the weed and life. Theres some offenive words used but it’s not the first with Netflix to use such so. Overall, I rate the first ten epsidoes a 8/10.
You can catch the first ten episodes of Disjointed streaming now on Netflix.