Killjoys (S03E09) "Reckoning Ball"

Before the big battle everyone is going through a reckoning (no one can have a normal conversation without something pointy around here). Alvis lends Dutch a knife so she can do some reckoning. D’avin is still not on board with Dutch’s suicide mission. Instead he suggests they lure Aneela into the cube prison that Khlyen held her in. They plan to lure her into it by planting a false memory in their Hullen hostage that would be seen by Aneela who would think Dutch was inside the cube. However they need some illegal tech. Luckily they have Pippin to help. Meanwhile something unexpected happens: Delle Seyah arrives asking for parlay to discuss the Quad’s surrender. Her wild card? She’s carrying D’avin’s baby. Against his will Johnny has to do parlay with the woman he failed to kill out of revenge for Pawter. Alvis does a reckoning with Fancy Lee who decides to give Turin another chance by letting him out of prison. Kitaan, their Hullen prisoner, is being difficult so Dutch threatens to poison the source of Kitaan’s plasma that would turn her human again. So Kitaan agrees.
D’avin and Dutch have to put on a show but it’s more awkward than authentic. These two find battle easier than confronting their feelings. But Dutch eventually gives some authenticity. Pippin implants the false memory into Kitaan and using D’avin’s plasma powers erases some of the memories of them telling Kitaan their plan. Delle Seyah is her usual snobbish self until she shows some human vulnerability asking Johnny to help her figure out what’s really inside her pregnant belly. It’s a normal looking human fetus (sorry no claws of any kind) but the biggest shocker is that Delle Seyah has been pregnant for three weeks while looking 7 months along. Through DNA they discover that D’avin truly is the father but Dutch’s DNA is also found in the fetus. D’av and Dutch finally make babies but they’re high on green plasma, alien and in Delle Seyah’s womb. Gross. But this means the Hullen can biologically reproduce so what would they need human hosts for?
Dutch and D’avin toast to a premature victory as Kitaan escapes her restraints then tries to take Lucy to the plasma so she can warn her people. Dutch manages to lure Kitaan away from the cock pit with her own green plasma. Dutch subdues her but too late Kitaan manages to get her hands on the plasma and warn Aneela. D’avin spaces Kitaan knowing that she’s spend eternity dying over and over again in the vacuum of space. D’avin is angry that he failed and that Dutch will still go through with her suicide mission. She and D’avin manage to have some closure kissing good bye in the dark. Johnny tells Delle Seyah that he will never forgive her for Pawter but Delle Seyah respects that. Then Johnny takes Kendry hostage thinking to use her as leverage against Aneela who cares about her. D’avin and Dutch tell Johnny her plan and Johnny is surprisingly cool about it but the Jacobi brothers have a secret pact to save Dutch no matter the cost. Alvis is praying in his temple when Dutch comes to visit him… no not Dutch but Aneela who kills him!
A+! Some great storylines and things are coming to a head. I loved hearing Pree sing! I hope Killjoys gets renewed it feels like there’s more potential for these stories.