Victoria Season 1

When Jenna Coleman left Doctor Who in 2015 to star in her leading role in ITV’s Victoria, at first I’ll admit I was emotionally sad, but when I watched the first episode of her as the Queen Victoria, all that kind of changed.
If you haven’t seen or head of Victoria, the first season shows the first few years of regin of Queen Victoria, that goes from her accession to the thrown to her friendship and infauation with Lord Mebourne, to even her engagment and marriage to Prince Albert and ending the season with the birth of their first child, Victoria.
Ceated by Daisy Goodwin. The show gives an engaging look not only to how Victoria’s rise to Queen, but how others around her were as well. Talk about a royal family drama. The writing is amazing and intriguing. Coleman plays Victoria and plays her quite well. But along with Coleman, Tom Hughes as Prince Albert, Daniela Holtz as Baroness Lehzen and Nell Hudson as Miss. Skerrett are excellent as well.
Along with the strong writing and performances from everyone, the scores and visuals effects are amazing. Like in episode seven, throughout the episode had such an amazing settings from outside and inside of the palace and even the CGI of the model train when Prince Albert rode and later Queen Victoria.
And the scores, the theme to the intro and Victoria is so thriling and chilling at the same time. Not to mention catchy as well. Every time I hear the theme song, I humm it during and after the end of the episode.
You can catch the second season on ITV Sunday, Aug. 27th or if you are in the U.S. you can catch the second season on Sunday, January 14th 2018 on PBS’s Masterpiece.