Ballers (S03E06) "I Hate New York"

In this episode of Ballers “It’s all about Spencer.”  However, the other players in this episode are, Bret, (Mr. Anderson) Spencer, Joe & Mr. CEO of ASN (Steven Webber) the younger-sibling Anderson.   It seems as though Spencer Strasmore takes one step forward and two steps backwards for they are flying into the Twilight zone. Much to the chagrin of Bret they had to fly to New York to have a chat with the CEO and the Board of Trustees regarding the NFL-Vegas-Raiders deal. But Bret is hiding a secret from his guys (Spencer and Joe). Bret is very reluctant on this trip, they finally make it to their destination and they meet the CEO, turns out he’s also the baby brother of Bret Anderson.  The younger Anderson has proved to be pretty obnoxious as they try to convince him that investing a large sum of money is a good idea. Younger Anderson is a bully, so much so that he makes Spencer “tap dance” so to speak which really pisses Spencer off and he gives him the old Double Middle fingers to the face! I must say that I laughed and cheered! Does Spencer have Balls or what?? The younger Anderson sure did enjoy bringing up childhood memories of Bret eating paste, being picked last when it was time to play sports. Clearly the sibling rivalry is REAL here folks.  Bret, is totally fed up with his domineering and obnoxious brother.  The younger Anderson finally agrees to invest in the idea, but the catch is that he has total control over everything. Bret has had enough at one point and has had too many alcoholic beverages, he decides to sell ASN…Is he overreacting? Is it the liquor talking? Oh Boy, lets see how this unfolds next week!
The rivalry between Mr. Charles Greane and “Satan Siefert”  is intensifying! Seifert is clearly using Greane and he is now beginning to the see that. Since Siefert is General Manager of the Miami Dolphins he has the power to fire and hire. So, Siefert orders Greane to “release” the Miami Dolphins head Coach. After the prior weeks “last supper” proved to be a really bad idea, the Greane’s had good intentions regarding the dinner but… I mean, the head Coach attacked the G.M. Did Greane really think that Siefert would let that go? NOT! I’m glad the Charles Greane is finally seeing that Seifert is using and abusing him. Mr. Greaneis fed up and looking for a new job! Good for you Charles Greane! 
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ricky visits Mrs. Greane at the hospital and she refers him to a Neurologist and after a series of brain exercises she has some disturbing news on his health. He finds out he has a “post concussion injury.” This injury will take him away from football for at-least one month or more depending on how he’s healing. It finally donned on me that Ricky Jerret has a “Fat Reggie” type of sidekick and he seems to always be around thinking that he is the voice of reason.  And in Ricky’s case, he needs a caretaker because he doesn’t make the best decisions. The neurologist, encourages him to take it easy and to eat brain healing foods like Avocados and Blueberries so they go shopping for a boatload of brain foods… Aaaannndd he still isn’t signed to a team for the upcoming season. Get well soon Ricky! 
ballersimage - Ballers (S03E06) "I Hate New York"
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