Nico Scholly, Senior Deckhand Below Deck Season 5

Brace yourselves, its time for another season of BelowDeck, and you know what that means:  More Captain Lee, The Stud of the Sea, more Kate Chastain, and Freak Nico, aka Nico Scholly returning as Senior Deckhand this season.  I was able to interview him on his thoughts about coming back and how this season differed from last.  Here’s what he had to say.
What made you come back to Below Deck?
Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had a passion for the ocean. After being in yachting for five years and working with Captain Lee I honestly couldn’t resist another season.  High seas and low seas, Motor Yacht Valor seems to always find them both, which makes for an exciting charter season.
Was it different this season as opposed to last season?
The big difference from last year in myself is that I’ve done a lot of growing up and am taking yachting a bit more serious.
What made you get into yachting in the first place?
I was going through a rough patch in my life in Chicago and just wanted a fresh start. After talking to a friend, hearing his crazy stories about traveling all around the world, it was hard not to just jump on the first flight and begin my new journey.
What’s the best thing about yachting?
The best thing about yachting has to be the nonstop traveling that I do.  Country to country, seeing all the different cultures and people is really exciting.
The worst?
Although the yachting lifestyle can just seem like a blast 24/7 it can be really difficult being constantly away from your friends and family back home.  The holidays can be pretty tough sometimes.
Where’s your favorite place to travel?  Least favorite?
My favorite place I have traveled has to be Norway! That was the highlight of my whole career.  Traveling through the massive Fjords, climbing glaciers, and enjoying the city center was fantastic!
My personal least favorite place while in yachting would have to be Cyprus. It’s a tiny island south of Greece. I wasn’t a big fan of the people as well as the city really had no special touch for me.
What’s your dream destination?
My dream destination still is Fiji or any islands in the Indian ocean.  I unfortunately joined a boat that was doing a world tour and the month before I joined they spent a lot of time there so all I got to see was the beautiful pictures.
Does the cameras get in the way of doing your job?
Throughout filming Below Deck its quite funny showing up the first day being around the cameras, however after getting warmed up I always forget about them, hence why the viewers see me doing some funny stuff.
What made you sign up for the show?
I just thought it would be a fun experience and what you see on the show is really just how I am in a everyday to day basis.
Did you ever regret it?
Of course not. Below Deck’s been a big wave for me. I’ve met some amazing people and had a fun experience with the whole thing.
Is there anything you’d change about last season if you could?
After watching last season the one big thing I would change would be partying in the master stay room. That’s a big yachting NO-NO
Are you still friends with any of the crew from last season?
I am friends with most the people from last season as well as some of the Below Deck Mediterranean.  However, in yachting its really typical that you don’t just call or text everyone on a daily basis. Everyone’s always busy working and sometimes thousands of miles away, but there’s nothing like pulling into port and seeing your friends.  Always at the moment its like you never even left!
Who were the most memorable guests?  The craziest?
From last season the most memorable guests would have to be the psychics.  I do believe in mediums as such so talking with them really blew my mind.  I do have to say though the guests this season had to be the most high demanding and crazy guests I’ve had my entire career.
Who on the crew was your favorite to work with?  Least favorite?
From last season my top three would have to be Lauren, Kate and Kelley.  My least favorite would be Kyle.
Do you hang out with them off charter?
After the season was over a few of us hung out in Lauderdale a couple of times. Lauren and I still touch base from time to time and I’ve seen Kate at a few events as well. I like to drop Captain Lee a text from time to time to see what the “Stud of the Sea” is doing.
What was the weirdest thing you had to do on charter for a guest?
The weirdest thing I had to do for a charter guest… Hm well I actually have some crazy charter guests stories from a lot of A list celebrities. But typically boats make you sign disclosure forms so I cant say much. It’s very common however for guests to try and rope crew in sexual favors as well as ridiculous extra curricular activities.  Not all charter guests are “Guests from hell.” I’ve had some really nice guests that actually still call me to this day just to say hi.
Did you feel more pressure coming back this season?  Especially since you’d be the boss this time?
I did feel a little bit of pressure coming back. Kelley did such a good job as bosun even though we did butt heads from time to time.  It’s a high stress environment so coming back this season as lead deckhand I wanted to prove to Captain Lee that he could count on me to follow in Kelley’s Steps.
What made you come back?
Working with Kate and Captain Lee on a busy charter boat? Who wouldn’t want to come back for some more?!
Did anything completely shock you?
Yes! There are several completely shocking moments that I had from the season and still to this day am shocked.  Some moments were great and most I’m still shaking me head about.
Where things different this time around?
Well, our crew for starters. Our personalities are completely different as well as different from the previous cast. Some good and some…”not so good”
Was it easier coming back?
Charter seasons are never easy, but that’s why we work hard for a big tip!
Does Freako Niko make another appearance?
I did try and make Freako behave a litttleeee bit this time around, however sometimes the freak needs to get unleashed….
Are we in for another drama filled season?
I’ve seen all the Below Decks thus far and personally I think this season has to be the most intense.. A lot of drama, hookups, injuries, and a how lot of… oh… shit moments!..
Who on the crew surprised you the most this season?  Why?
This season our new Chef Matt Burns surprised me the most..
Well a little fun fact I just adopted a baby puppy. His names Hossa and he’s absolutely adorable!
Is there anything else you want to clear up?
The Below Deck Season 5 Caribbean is going to be a season to remember.  Week after week the show is just going to surprise you like being thrown through a washer machine by the end.  So I hope everyone enjoys and you can check it out on Bravo TV every Tuesday 9pm/c. Check out my instagram, twitter, and Facebook to see some pictures from the season as well as see what I get up to on a daily basis.
Be sure to tune into the new season of Below Deck starting September 5.  It’s going to be a fun ride.