Preacher (S02E11) "Backdoors"

Flashbacks to memories that Jesse (Dominic Cooper) has fought so hard to keep hidden, with an 80’s horror movie vibe we are welcomed into the eclectic world of Preacher once more. The writers are able to hold your attention and keep you wanting more, it’s one of the reasons I keep watching.

Tulip (Ruth Negga) is furious with her counterpart. The secrets have put an unshakable rift between them, when the realization that The Saint has somehow escaped his watery prison, the fear settles in once more. They need to escape that chaotic mess, but Jesse is consumed by his desire to find god and is unwilling to compromise.

Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is questioning his decision to turn Denis (Ronald Guttman). Parenthood is no walk in the park, but he is trying to make up for all the lost years. Getting a puppy must settle his rebellious son down, but how can one tame that renewed life and energy? It’s an uphill battle, but perhaps they will begin to mesh together and come to an understanding.

Tulip decides to take it upon herself to destroy the Saint’s weapons. She is accompanied by her new-found friend and neighbor, “Jenny” (Julie Ann Emery). Little does she know that this is exactly what Featherstone want’s, to create a nonexistent bond between the two of them and gain Tulip’s trust. She makes a very convincing victim and knows how to get her way. When the weapons can’t be melted down, they decide to ship them off in the mail. But we know Featherstone has other ideas.

The residents of hell are going through a rigorous screening, to determine who doesn’t belong there. Eugene (Ian Colletti) will surely fail miserably, revealing his pure heart and greatest of intentions, being banished to an eternity of pain and torture. He has a hard time trusting anyone who resides in the depths, but he needs to get out of there and decides to trust in Hitler (Noah Taylor). After a trip to Hitler’s personal hell, Eugene decides to give him a chance. The meek and mild Hitler asserts his dangerous authority when Eugene gets called up for his screening. Causing a peaceful commotion in the main hall, allowing Euguene and Hitler to escape through the backdoor, which also happens to be “The Hole”.

Jesse seeks out Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), who is all-knowing in the world of our dear preacher. He is convinced that Jesse will eventually join in his cause and become the new “god”. In an attempt to blackmail Jesse, it is revealed that each person’s prayers have been recorded, and god couldn’t possibly be able to hear every single person on earth. Jesse sits through all his confessions and transgressions, instead of convincing him to fall into Herr’s plan, it anger’s him. Especially the last prayer, it corresponds with the first flashback of the episode. Genesis comes out to play, causing Herr to shove every recording up his personal backdoor. God was never listening, this changes everything.

The Grail does not back down so easily. They are relentless and will eventually get what they desire. There is something sinister lurking in a parking garage, just waiting for freedom. Soon a very angry cowboy will have his revenge, it’s inevitable.
The next episode will be a killer one.

Rating: 8/10

Preacher airs on AMC every Monday at 7/9c

Photo: IMDB