The Night Shift (S04E09) "Land of the Free"

This week’s episode of The Night Shift was action packed, dramatic and even given a second chances. When TC and Jordan are accompanying a SWAT team on a raid, they wind up with a pill of emergency room full of sickend immigrants, an injured ICE officer and one that has murderous intentions.
In the line of a standoff with Romano, a criminal who’s about to get a deal withthe Feds, tries to bust out of immigration prison but intead gets taken down with bullets and crashes the cop car that he was taken.
Along with him heading to the hospital, TC looks at an ICE officer that was attacked from the same guy but soon gets pulled when a kid, Angel, ask for his help in need as his mother was having a hard time breathing. This lead to the first standoff with the head ICE officer and TC as he wants TC to move on but TC decides to not only take the mother and son, but the entire prison of immigrants.
Of course, this upsets Scott for only a couple of seconds, but thought it was the best thing to do. Scott and Shannon takes Angel and his mother and finds out that Angel’s mother has meninigitis, but Angel is healthy. That changed when Angel takes matter in his own hands because he doesn’t want to leave without his mother and overdoses on pills from another patient.
Shannon and Scott treats Angel and got the drugs out before they would take effect and told him later that he needed to trust them that they are not going to go until his mother is healthy. More with Angel and his mother to come as it has a touching ending.
Paul and Drew treats the ICE officer that got stabbed a couple of times from Romano. The Officer and Paul didn’t get along in their first impression after saying “those people” in a conversation. Paul learns about the officer’s having one kidney and losing the other when he was 12 years old. The officer tells Paul about the things he had to do as a ICE officer and arrested a child and mother that really didn’t deserved and got to meet the kid while moving to another room. After the officers surgery, Angel comes in and ask him why he arrested him and his mother and soon Shannon told Angel that an unknown officer made a call and dismiss the arrest and he and his mother are free.
Meanwhile, the main event was Romano and Jordan and TC as during a CT scan, Romano escapes and runs in the events. SWAT comes in and tries to find him, Rene goes after him and gets shot leaving TC to do what TC does best, get in there, move Rene out and take down Romano. Talk about a different take of Die Hard I would think. After a couple of seconds of fighting, the vents collapse and Romano is taken away and TC is taken to get treated by Jordan.
Along with that going on, Kenny asked Paul if he could have his blessing to marry his sister, even though she said yes. And it looks like we might have seen the last of Cain, so far as he calls Jordan to tell her that he quit. This would have to do with someone looking for him and saw him in a news report a couple of weeks ago. He runs off but gets picked up by a cop that turns out to be helping the guy that’s looking for Cain and drives off.
And the Combat Training Program at SAMM goes well, even without Syd there because of family reasons. So TC has Amira come, even after she had arrrived in town and offer her the spot. But one thing is for sure that it ended with a couple of surprises: 1. Amira worked for the CIA and 2. the program will be up and running next week instead of in 90 days.
I thought “Land of the Free” was a real good episode that not only dived in the issuses of immigration, but also that there are second chances when a wrong had been done. I thought the Angel and the officer story was really good and had me feeling heartfelt and fuzzy at the end. And of course, TC and Romano battling it out was just another on my feet thrills. Even though that TC and Amria are a thing, I still have hope with TC and Jordan. Next week’s episode is the season finale (I hope!) and it looks like someone is coming in that we are going to hope pulls through.
Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
You can catch the seaosn finale of The Night Shift this Thursday at 10/9c on NBC.