Animal Kingdom (S02E13) “Betrayal” [Season Finale]

tnt smurf you think the story ends here aug 30 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E13) “Betrayal” [Season Finale]
Can you believe it is over already? It was a draw-dropping finale written and directed by John Wells. This review contains spoilers.
The conclusion of the aftermath.
I’ve been saying for a while now, never to trust Lucy or Marco. I wasn’t sure exactly how it was going to go down. I just knew it was going to end badly. After all, “Lying is what Lucy does for a living.” Marco will rob or kill whoever to get his ill-gotten gains. What would make Baz different from anyone? How could he be so naive? The fact that he’d trust them and totally dismiss the “family business” and the love of his brothers really puzzles me.  After all, what woman’s love is worth all that trouble? What about your family, Baz? Aren’t they more important? Scott Speedman is such a superb actor and far superseded my expectations. The scene with Shawn Hatosy almost redeemed him in my eyes. It showed humanity. It showed he loved and cared for his brothers and Lena. He forgave Pope for killing Catherine. It was never his fault. The blame was all on Smurf.
tnt edit baz confronts pope animal kingdom s2e13 aug 30 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E13) “Betrayal” [Season Finale]
Honestly, up until that point, I believed they were going to kill one another. Baz was going to kill Pope after that visit with Smurf in jail. In reality, as much as I LOVE Smurf, she set all this in motion. She’s their mother. She was working to pit one brother against the other. What was it that Deran said not long ago?  “Smurf would sick you (Craig) on me. And if that didn’t work, she’d go get Pope.” Smurf was like a puppet-master from behind jailhouse bars. She managed to make her presence felt. Ellen Barkin, you are a shinning star. We love and thank you.
Don’t get me wrong, Baz still has issues. I mean he pretty much threw Lena on Pope earlier in the episode. Shawn Hatosy gave a brilliant performance last night once again. He is a stand-out actor in the show thru and thru. Pope is the better father to Lena. He steps up every single time. Where Baz should just give Pope custody. Baz is the worst father ever. The things he was saying to Pope last night. “You were never her Dad.” – Baz. Where as I say: “You should have never BEEN her dad.”  (I wanted to scream that at him.) Every single time Pope sees Lena, he sees Catherine. It’s a constant reminder of what happened. He loves that little girl and, yes, he wants to do right by her. He genuinely loves her. Pope is the kind of person who loves deeply and is loyal as they come. What’s so wrong with that? It’s more than what her real dad does.
As we see Baz shot lying near death in the street, I have a feeling Pope will be stepping up in a major way. I know one thing for sure, there will be RETRIBUTION in season 3. Pope will be looking for Lucy and Marco. She thinks she is a BOSS Kingpin, but she has her match in Pope Cody. He is relentless and he will hunt her down. Baz’s fatal mistake from the moment he got serious with her was: “letting her in” on his plan to take over Smurf’s empire, Smurf’s money.
J better wise up with Nicky too. They go and rob some girls house? (SO STUPID AND DUMB!) Why? She never returned her jacket? J, you are the BOSS and POA of the Cody Empire. So, doing foolish things like this? You better re-think these things. As they try to leave, we see Nicky getting shot by the owner. Later on, we see J was at Nicky’s graduation party. He didn’t have anything to do with putting a “hit” on his Uncle Baz. That story was mean BTW that Baz told him earlier that day. His father was some straggler that his mother slept with. Instead of telling the kid the truth. Why is everyone playing head games with J? He asked Smurf while visiting her at the jail if it was true. She tells him, “He’s messing with you, baby.” I guess the game continues. Finn Cole, thank you for delivering such powerful scenes each and every week. You are truly a gift.
tnt edit craig and deran forever animal kingdom s2e13 aug 30 17 - Animal Kingdom (S02E13) “Betrayal” [Season Finale]
As the show comes to an end, Deran and Craig say their goodbyes. Craig and Renn are leaving for a while on a trip together. Deran is staying behind to help raise Lena. I truly love their relationship. It’s so real and authentic. Ben Roboson and Jake Weary are such fantastic actors. They enrich each episode we watch.
I hope that Baz lives to fight another day. He certainly doesn’t deserve to die like that. I can’t imagine the horror of the of the Cody families reaction.
Lucy and Marco, Pope and the Cody’s are coming for you.
“Betrayal”[Season Finale] Final Thoughts:

  • Betrayal was the best episode of the season written and directed by John Wells. Thank you good, sir. We must giving a STANDING OVATION to Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Finn Cole, Ben Roboson, Jake Weary, Christina Ochoa, Aamya Keroles and Molly Gordon for their performances last night. TAKE A BOW.
  • Does Nicky remind Josh (J) of his mother? Is that why he is so drawn to her? How much longer before her antics destroy her or the both of them? (RUN J RUN)
  • Who will be the first one to find out about Baz being shot? Craig? Deran? Pope? (Craig was leaving in the car with Renn!)
  • How long will Smurf be in jail next season? A few episodes? (I say so.)
  • What about the mean story Baz told J about his Dad? Who is J’s Dad? (Baz, Pope, that guy?) Inquiring minds want to know!?

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed Season 2 of Animal Kingdom. Comment and Feedback appreciated.
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