Midnight, Texas (S01E06) "Blinded by the Light"

Okay, this episode really knocked it out of the park for me. Partially because, due to the storyline, we really didn’t have the Supernatural Villain of the Week who was conveniently vanquished at the end of the hour. If you’ve been reading my recaps, you’ll know that the way the episodes end all nice and neat has been the one thing that annoys me about the show. But while we do have a storyline wrap up – we learn who killed Aubrey – but the storyline’s end is as far from neat and tidy as it can get. Hell, it isn’t even supernatural. But, I am getting ahead of myself.
The episode begins with some drunk idiots leaving their friend behind when Lem scares the crap out of them. (Jerks! Seriously, succubi are like cops, never around when you need them!). She gets chased down by a large truck.
Manfred and Creek are having sexy time, until Manfred sees a spirit watching them through the window. Yeah, nothing like a restless ghost peeping Tom to kill the mood. Manfred rolls over to pop a pill and tells Creek he has a headache, a side effect of seeing dead people. Kind of a supernatural hangover. Off to the diner, for the kind of serious breakfast that has been the staple of college students’ Sunday mornings since Sunday mornings were first invented (or so I’ve heard.)
The Rev sits down as Manfred is about to dig into the cholesterol special (each order comes with a complimentary EKG) and Manny admits he’s seeing more and more spirits. The Rev, who is the only one in Joe’s confidence and knows that Something is Going Down, looks serious. That’s when one of the drunk jerks from last night shows up, looking for the missing girl, whose name is Aerin. He’s rude, but the Midnighters are too concerned about a second missing girl to care. They’re also concerned because the police have shown up. It seems that Aerin’s mother is a judge, so law enforcement is more concerned than usual. They divide into teams to search.
Manfred and Creek search the woods and they find the body of a young woman. But she’s can’t be the girl they’re looking for as been dead a while, which means we now know of three girls who have disappeared. Manfred tries to speak to her, but her spirit has passed over. They agree that they need to find out who did it and take care of the guilty party before the cops start sniffing around. The problem is, they already are.
They keep searching, and come across a dazed and confused Connor, who has been hit on the head. Back in town, he says he was hit from behind. And to further complicate matters, the Rev, in his persona of Emilio, their friend, spills the beans about what is coming. It’s why Manfred has been seeing more and more dead people, why supernatural beings have been drawn there, why Fiji has been seeing demons, and why Lem has been feeling hungrier and hungrier. A war between good and evil is coming, and Midnight will be the battlefield. But that gets forgotten when they find Creek’s father and the missing girl, who is still alive. Uh oh. It looks like we may have found our very human serial killer. (As opposed to a cereal killer, which is me with a bowl of Apple Jacks.)
They are interrogating Shawn Lovell. Lem says he wondered what made a man move his family to the middle of nowhere. (Thank you! I asked that same question!) Manfred knows he hiding something.
Creek goes to speak to Connor about their father, and asks if he was the one who hit Connor on the head. It looks like Shawn is the murderer, but Creek promises that she will take care of Connor.
Manfred goes to the Lovell’s home, which is full of restless spirits. There is a box hidden in a vent, which contains some interesting items, like a skull mask and Aubrey’s ring. And it clicks. He knows who the murderer is. And Aerin confirms it. The murderer is…
Yes folks, the serial killer is none other than Creek’s baby-faced kid brother. And she’s with him. Manfred and Bobo waste no time in going to get her, but too late, they are in the Lovells’ truck, heading God knows where.
So now, the interrogation takes a different turn. Where would Connor take Creek? Shawn, looking a lot less belligerent than usual, spills. They could never have pets, because Connor enjoyed killing them. Doctors couldn’t do anything. So, he decided to move them to a town where everyone could take care of themselves and hide. His wife left because she wanted no part of the plan. And Shawn had the brilliant idea to put his daughter, a pretty young woman, in charge of a boy with a taste for killing pretty young women. Because there was no way that could go wrong, right? And now, she was with him, on the run, and when she figured out the truth, would likely be the next victim. But how do they search? There’s too much territory. Well, an aerial search would be better. If only there was someone who could fly…
Go Joe! He decides that keeping his secret is less important than saving Creek and reveals his true nature to the others before flying off. He leaves behind a whole lot of nonplussed Midnighters, who as a group are pretty hard to nonplus. So, double props to Joe.
Joe lands in front of the truck and makes it stop. Connor runs off. Lem chases him, catches him, and snaps his neck in what is probably one of the most efficient kills I’ve ever seen. Problem solved, though I’m not sure what they’re going to tell the police.
Joe and Lem bring the devastated Creek back to Midnight. Where Creek probably has the first actual conversation with her father ever. And the last. She never wants to see him again. Yeah, sorry Shawn, you chose to sacrifice your daughter to your goal of protecting your son. Choices have consequences.
So, that wraps up that mystery. As we head into the final episodes of the season, we’ll see the consequences of Joe using his angel power. A war between good and evil is coming to town (kind of like Santa Claus except, you know, not really anything at all like Santa Claus).
Okay, I was a little dubious about the show in the beginning, I admit it. It’s grown on me a lot. I like the pacing, and the characters, which seemed to me just a random mix at the beginning, have coalesced into a team, each member of which has something to contribute. What’s more, they seem to genuinely care about one another.
Other Things:
– Again, is Midnight supposed to be a secret? How do they have tourists?
– Do we know exactly what Manfred is taking, drug-wise?
– Hey look, the co-executive producer is Liz Sagal! I remember when she and her twin sister starred in ‘Double Trouble’ (and I think I just dated myself lol).
“And you have a flare for prints.”
“She survived the vampire bus for this!”
“Ah, that explains a few things.”