Ron Simons: Four-time Tony Award Winner

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Ron Simons

Netflix’s most awaited series – Marvel’s The Defenders airied recently and fans have been enjoying the show. I got the opportunity to speak to four-time Tony Award-winning producer and actor Ron Simons. He plays the role of Strieber and opened up about his career, projects and the series itself.

Welcome to TV Series Hub, having such an esteemed career, winning Tony Awards not just once but 4 times, what do you say keeps you going?

That’s easy: storytelling. I love to listen to good stories and I love telling good stories. It’s what gets up excited to face the day.

Having such a career change, how did you decide to get into the industry?

I’d wanted to be an actor since I was in highschool but felt a responsibility to set myself up to financially provide for my mom and grandparents. So I spent years in corporate America before I decided that it was now or never. And since I’m not the kind of man who wants to take his ambitions to the grave, I eventually bit the bullet and dove into acting.

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Ron Simons.

How have you developed into a multi-talented person being an Actor & Producer?

I’m the culmination of all the experiences ive had in life along with the uniqueness of myself (spiritually, mentally, emotionally). With that comes a wide variety of interests. I tend to be the kind of person who once I decide I want to do something I go after it. That’s why I’ve had a number of careers from engineering, to marketing to acting to producing. I go where my interests take me.

Back then, you must have faced challenges. Can you give a few examples and how you overcame them?

I used to have a strong need to please others. This came at the cost of doing what I wanted and needed. Once I realized that I was the only one concerned about my happiness I spent more time focusing on what I wanted. Like most people of color in America I faced overt and covert racism and had to develop a number of responses based on the serverity and context of the offense. I did a lot of falling down but managed to always get back up – so far at least.

defenders marvel - Ron Simons: Four-time Tony Award Winner
Marvel’s Defenders is on Netflix.

Marvel’s Defenders, the most anticipated Netflix series airs soon. What should we be expecting in the show?

It’s up and everyone can see. But for those who haven’t you get to see our superheroes display their powers together. It has some very intense fight choreography. Also what took me a long time to figure out is that each character has his or her own color palette. Pay attention and see if you can find out which color is attached to which superhero!

With it being on Netflix, the whole season will be out. Will you be binge-watching it too?
Near about! I don’t have a lot of free time so I tend to consume content on demand. I tend to watch 2-3 episodes at a time as I usually don’t have an hour break until night. Then it’s on!

Do fans need to be up to date with the other shows to be able to understand this show?

It would certainly help understand the exiting relationships with the characters but this series can stand alone – primarily because there’s a new villain in town not featured in any of the other series. One of my favorite actresses is key: Sigourney Weaver – she is one smart, adept and gifted actor~

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Ron Simons – Four-time Tony Award Winner.

Playing Strieber, what will your character’s role be?

I play Misty’s (from Luke Cage) boss on the NYPD.

How was it being on the set? How was the atmosphere like?

I’d call it professional and convivial. Everyone was focused but understood that
we also wanted it to be fun.

Where can we be seeing you soon? Any future projects you have going on?

Look out for the one person show I’m developing!

Marvel’s Defenders is on Netflix.