Mr. Mercedes (S01E04) "Gods Who Fall"

Well this weeks episode is proof that this series is getting better and better with every single episode. I’m so looking forward to what they bring to us next week but lets get to this weeks episode though. We got more back story from Brady’s mom Deborah (Kelly Lynch) with this episode as well which I was even more surprised about, I really thought they were not going to worry all that much about her back story, but I suppose because shes the mother to our killer they would have to show us at least some of it just so the audience can have some sympathy over what her son became.
With this episode, I have to admit I really felt bad for Ida (Holland Taylor) finding out the way she did about Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) and his new love interest. Cause lets face it, Ida felt like she had a real chance with Hodges and I’m sure some of the audience was even trying to ship that into relationship cannon but then it wouldn’t of been going by the books now would it?
I felt bad for Lou (Breeda Wool) in this episode especially when she found out about what was on that Ryan guy’s laptop. I mean we all know that shes gay but thats okay because we all love her and her witty humor, I think its her kind of humor that makes me really like her on this show. I’ve always liked characters with that kind of humor they are the ones that always survive when it comes to survival times.
I just hope nothing bad happens to Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) after this episode I have a really bad feeling that hes going to be targeted soon by Brady (Harry Treadway). Jerome seems like one of those kids thats always going to be right by the side of Bill Hodges always to the end of the line. But no matter what Hodges is always going to try to chase him away in hopes to save his life and allow him to go to college and become the second black president (hey you never know it could happen in the world of Stephen King).
Overall this episode was really good and its going to really be a great series, I just hope they renew it for another season. We only have six episodes left of this season.
Next episode: Mr.Mercedes(S01E05):”The Suicide Hour” airs Wednesday September 6, 2017