The Mist (S01E10) "The Tenth Meal"

First off I’m sorry its taken me a whole week for me to get this final review out to you guys. I’ve had literally a busy days for the last days and its been hectic around here but enough about me, lets get to this review which is all what you guys have all come here to read. After all I gotta please my readers!
So with this being the final episode of season 1 I knew there would be countless deaths in the episode especially if the series doesn’t get renewed they needed to show that almost everyone died that stayed alive in all 10 episodes, well side characters that is. It makes me wonder with how powerful this season finale was, how will they make Season 2 better? I guess we will see if the series gets renewed first to find out.
In this finale episode we saw Kevin (Morgan Spector) find Adrian (Russell Posner) and deliver him justice but not enough justice for what he did to Alex (Gus Birney). Kevin wanted to kill Adrian but instead Adrian released a fire in one of the stores.
I just can’t believe that Alex almost died in this episode, if it wasn’t for what she said Jay (Luke Crosgrove) that saved her life probably to atone for ever being blamed for raping Alex which would be a good way to do so. Especially after being beaten to crap by Adrian over a lie. I mean you saw how Jay looked at Adrian, you know that Jay knows the truth about that night.
If we do get a Season 2, one thing I would love to see is Alex remembering what truly happened that night. I would really love to see that because yes she was drunk and blacked out but even when you black out theres some part of your memory that remembers and blocks it from your actual consciousness so that no mental issues happens to the body.
I also thought it was interesting that Jonah (Okezie Morro) chose to go with Wes (Greg Hovanessian) so willingly. I mean yes Wes knows people who have the answers but are we sure this is not going to be a trap to where Jonah becomes another lab rat or experiment for Arrowhead. Jonah should’ve took Mia (Danica Curcic) advice in finding Kevin and his family first and then went with Wes but no, he had to be on the “I gotta know all about me” train and go riding with Wes.
Although everyone in that mall got what they deserved by being attacked by the mist. I hated that Kimi (Irene Bedard) was killed by Kyle (Romaine Waite). That death really took me for a loop because I really felt like Kimi was going to be one of those characters that survived all of this. But no instead wacko Kyle had to go all “if your not with us then your against us” kind of way and kill her. Poor Kimi, may she be at peace in the mist world now.
And thank god Nathalie (Frances Conroy) was killed by the mist, I was really waiting for that moment in episode 10 for her to die. But now that the series will move away from the mall and go into more exploration on what these people on this crazy train are doing sacrificing people to the mist. With Kevin saying they are feeding the mist, it makes me believe that what they are doing with this series is making the mist a living breathing entity. And entity that must feed on possibly millions in order to move onward to another town or dimension, guess we will see.
Lets all as fans of this horror series rise to Spike TV and tell them that we want more seasons of the mist and that we want to see where this story with Arrowhead’s involvement comes into play. We want more and we wont stop begging until we get what we want. Until then my readers may you all enjoy reading!