The Bold Type (S01E09) “Before Tequila Sunrise”


Honestly I’m kinda speechless after watching this episode. It was so perfect in so many ways I can’t even… I can’t even find the right words to express how I feel. This show has passed my wildest expectations on every possible level, from comicality and emotionality, through dialogues, down to amazing plot and amazing playing. I sat there thinking ‘omg this couldn’t get any better’ ‘omg I guess it can after all ;o ‘. Really, I’m impressed, I’m touched, I’m surprised in a positive way. I cannot imagine what the final episode will bring us.
Jane’s paragraph. Well, I’ve gotta say not only do she looks gorgeous and extremely hot, she also acts more bravely and she’s getting sophisticated in the bold type way with every episode. I mean, she’s more powerful now, she makes me wanna be as ingenious and funny as she is. I wish I were talkative and could make such jokes like she does. I’d like to steal some of that awesomeness from her. She has a wonderful personality, I could have a friend like that and I would never get tired of spending time with her. At least one day with Jane Sloan pleeeease! Cuz guys, she’s superb! But let’s get to the point. Episode started with her wondering what should she do about her job. Should she leave Scarlet? She made pros and cons list and tried to let the universe decide for her with letting her faith in cab’s hands but cab direction hasn’t help her and her friends didn’t do it as well. She has lost her pitch in Scarlet, she was kinda upset about it, she felt like she’s not given an opportunity to grow and that was kinda true in this particular case. But from the other side, Jacqueline has done almost anything to make Jane grow from the very start, somehow like she was making an exception only for Jane. Perhaps Jacqueline sees herself in Jane and wants the best for her because she was at this position once before. She even told Jane that taking a job in Scarlet scared the shit out of her but that was a right decision. I think that no matter what Jacqueline would never stop Jane from her dreams and wants and that’s amazing. When they were partying in Jacqueline’s office Jane left that sketchbook of hers with an open page of pros and cons list. And I’m sure Jacqueline saw that. I’m sure she thought about what should she do to help Jane make a good call on this. And in my opinion she acted more that ideal. She arranged a talk in her office with other and she had a word with Jane on private too. She’s been the best boss I’ve ever seen. And I think that talk is what makes Jane took that job in Incite. Personally I’m terrified she might really go there and left Scarlet behind but I’m happy for her taking what she wants because I really saw that she wanted to write about those feminism things Victoria has send her. I saw that in her eyes she wanna do it. And that’s what she should do, actually that’s what she has already done. Go get it, Jane! And about her love life.. A lot have happened there and my heart is so worm right now. Pinstripe guy texting her to meet for coffee #yesyesyes Then saying he has just lost his job and wanted to say goodbye #nonono Like ‘please stay, you running at Jane in the elevator is a must have!’ This goodbye hug melt my heart completely. They are so perfect for each other! From the previous episode we know they even shake their salads the same way! This cannot be a coincidence! They’re flirting with each other all the time and they’re both are so great in this it makes me wanna just grab them and put them together myself! Every one scene with them was amazing. When they were talking and Sutton has interrupted (Really, Sutton? You truly had to do that? On THAT moment????!!!!!! About Trump?) and Pinstripe asked Jane if she wondered if this could have worked omg omg I was so happy about it. And when they were dancing together in those jackets and when he make her sit at Jacqueline’s desk like he exactly knew what needs to be done for her to make her realize what she wants. That was amazing. I think universe make them meet after their goodbye so they could make themselves aware of what they are feeling for each other. Thank God for that obstacle that make them stay in office late. And that party? Those drinks? I need them right now!!!!!! It’s a dream. Really. But, back to reality, so basically a lot of #Janestripe this time and I absolutely loved that. I’m gonna rewatch this episode mostly for them cuz the two of them have a perfect connection and chemistry on the entire show! Oh, and one more: RYAN <3 seriously <3
Sutton’s paragraph time. She was fun during this episode. I wanted her to talk to Richard, really, when I saw him calling I was smiling to the screen and wanting she’ll pick up. But she didn’t. She and Alex were great friends in that episode, they are good as a work colleagues and they proved it. But the ending???? This sex scene? #Salex seemed so forced and so unright like ughhhh I won’t stand that. And something tells me Sutton isn’t gonna stand that to. I think she’s got feelings for Richard. When she talked to Jane about it she had tears in her eyes and I felt so bad for her. Obviously she loves him and she even admitted she never happened to tell him that. Those text Richard send her and her reaction in bed with Alex proved that for the time being #Salex isn’t gonna work out. And I don’t want that to work out. I still got all my hope for the #Suttard. I’m not giving up on them so quickly! I’m gonna fight for them as long as they’re have their chance to talk and confess their feelings.
Kat’s paragraph as usual the last. That girl was crazy! I felt devastated for her and Adena, when she found out about this deportation thing, she was a mess. But she decided to do something about it, not wait for nothing, she bought an expensive ticket and romantically she showed herself on the airport. We had a #Kadena kiss, we had a #Kadena date and we also had a #Kadena sex. And it was perfect, omitting the circumstances. They talked to each other about everything really truly and they had the perfect connection. Kat wanted to make an adventure with Adena, she was sure about it but at the end, when her name was read at the airport check-in she had second thoughts. And she stayed. And Adena was right, there was nothing to apologize for. If she suddenly felt like she should stay that I’m happy she did. They will work this out. I know they will. When the time is right. Until then we keep our fingers crossed for #Kadena.
The most impressive in that episode, next to the #Janestripe’s of course, were the together scenes. There was so many of them and all of them were great. Every time when they drank tequila (or whatever they did drank cuz it all was so fancy) I laughed so hard, because their dialogues were amazing. The scene in the taxi were funny too. The office dance, the office interruption by Jacqueline in her office and that freeze of them and all of the things they’ve done in that room in general, especially Sutton on treadmill – so awesome. Jane, Sutton, Pinstripe and Alex are a party dream team, they made a gr8 squad this time and they should repeat that night someday (somenight?)! Although maybe without the #Salex sex at the end 😀 No, really, I hope for more scenes of this crew in future! But closer, I wait for the emotional season finale that airs next week! What’s gonna happen guys, I’m telling you, what is gonna happen… It’s huge, It’s gonna be a lot to talk about. And be prepared I am gonna talk a lot. See you soon! Don’t forget to grab your Unicorn Dreamtini!
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