The Night Shift (S04E10) "Resurgence" Season Finale

Last night’s season finale of The Night Shift delevered not only thrilling and intense moments but moments that seem that it was wrapped with a great big bow.
With a shooting taking place at a nearby college, TC, Jordan Drew and Amria head out and gets into a deadly sitauation with a shooter that hated the speaker that was speaking at the graduation. It gave such a thrilling story when Jordan and Amria get caught by one of the shooters after they thought she was one of the cops. Not to mention when TC and Drew along with one of their fellow combat program trainee gets inbetween a sticky situation when both shooters were coming in the room.
Meanwhile, with the combat program in process, Scott gets word from Paul’s father that he doesn’t want this program at all and want to shut it down. But Scott goes above and beyond to tell Paul’s father that he knows that this will be great for SAMH. After a well reciveced approval, it looks like SAMH will be helping a big part of the Troops in training.
With things changing, Shannon doesn’t really enjoy what she’s been seeing and doesn’t want to be part of the new program. She informs Jordan that she applyed back to her old resident job, but Jordan gives her the opition to go for six months and see if she wants to come back to SAMH. Not to mention, Paul is having that same feeling but this time he wants to help and lend his hands. He goes to TC and tells him strongly that he wants to do this and TC comes through and gives his spot with Amria in Syra.
The final moments of the episode gave a nice bow tie to the season. During Kenny and Bella’s engagment party, Jordan gives an emotional speech about how two people can become one that’ll whether anything it comes in front of them no matter where you are together or half way around the world. And during that speech we see what the future holds with our characters, Paul and Amria helps rescue people in Syra, Drew gets hurt in Ranger training, Kenny becomes Paul’s father right hand man. But the one ending shows Jordan and Scott about to get the trainees ready and on the bus and TC shows up. He tells Jordan that he’s staying in San Antonio.
“Resurgences” was an amazing season finale that gave us thrills, drives and moments of why we love this show so much. Even thought I’m hoping for a season five, this episode does give a satisfying series finale. The writing was strong and moving at times. The cast did such a great in equal part of their roles. The one thing I’m happy is that TC and Jordan are together working again. I feel that’s a sign of improvement for the two of them. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10 and the season a 9/10.
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