Killjoys (S03E10) "Wargasm"

First off let’s rejoice that Killjoys doesn’t just get 1 but 2 more seasons and is allowed to give closure to fans in Season 5! Second, let’s review: The episode starts off with the Last Supper motif. The whole season the show has played with the good old battle between man and the Devil so it’s only natural that Dutch and her friends (a.k.a. disciples) would share one last meal together before the big battle that maybe some won’t get out alive. Dutch and Johnny have decided not to tell anyone about Alvis’s murder to keep up morale. I’ll miss that sexy masochistic priest. D’avin shows Dutch a little plot of land that he got for Johnny so that Dutch wouldn’t have to worry about Johnny after she’s gone. Wasting no time, the Hullen strike first. Dutch goes to see Delle Seyah in her prison cell but Delle Seyah turns the tables and captures Dutch. Johnny realizes quickly that Aneela is impersonating Dutch but she gets the upper hand until Lucy dials up a scream that made even the Devil screech. Delle Seyah and Aneela meet up and Aneela takes Dutch while everyone is fighting. Turin enables the sonic bomb that disorients the Hullen allowing the Cleansed to attack. D’avin finds Johnny injured and Zeph patches him up but Johnny is insistent on going with his brother to rescue Dutch. Zeph doesn’t want either of them to go so they all share a tender moment. Zeph’s one of the family now (the weird sister the Jacobis never thought they wanted).
Pree and Gared are on the ground taking fire when their sonic web is disconnected allowing the Hullen to regroup and regain the upper hand in the battle. Johnny and D’avin board a Hullen ship looking for Dutch and Johnny brings up how D’avin and Dutch are back on that sex horse. Pretty inconvenient to bring it up but what better time than almost certain death. However, Delle Seyah surprises the Jacobi boys and tells them that Aneela has already taken Dutch to the Necropolis so they could have some alone time. Dutch and Aneela finally meet face to face and fight. Aneela blames Dutch for killing her father Khlyen. Johnny warns Delle Seyah that if Aneela kills Dutch then they both die. We don’t know that for sure but Delle Seyah isn’t taking chances so she takes the Jacobis to the Necropolis. The Hullen board the RAC and Turin offers to stay behind to go down with his ship while Fancy goes off to help Pree and Gared. Turin has the DNA device but it short circuits and he’s captured. Dutch hits Aneela with a needle that gives her back her memories of when she made Dutch. Just before Dutch delivers a killer blow, Aneela stops her saying now that she remembers her she doesn’t really loathe her.
Johnny, D’avin and Delle Seyah are in the elevator and there’s this hilarious scene where D’avin asks if he and Delle Seyah ever had sex and talks about baby names. He’s oddly okay with being the baby daddy of a Hullen/Human hybrid that’s growing inside his worst enemy. I’m just happy he’s thinking about being involved. Aneela tells Dutch why Khlyen took her memories of Dutch away (she named her Mini Me after their mother actually) thinking maybe he was afraid that Unstable Aneela would “break” Dutch (Khlyen kind of did that already don’t you think?). She then tells Dutch about the Evil Lady who lives in the Green and wants out of her prison. Dutch strikes a deal with the Devil: they go into the Green and work together to kill the Lady. Just when Johnny, D’avin and Seyah come in they see Dutch and Aneela sinking into the plasma. D’avin attempts to go after them but a swarm of spiders attacks them. The Lady is super angry. They get away and launch the elevator into space to escape the Hullen loyal to the Lady in the Green. Just when Turin is about to become another Hullen bitch Fancy comes to his rescue and kills Gander. Aneela and Dutch wake up in the Green Inbetween (blond by the way) and they are shocked to see Khlyen alive and conscious in the Green. He gives them both daggers and joins them on their quest to kill the Lady.
I’m giving this episode an A++! 100% on all fronts: great action, great pacing: filled with shock and awe with some hilarious scenes that didn’t undercut the emotion of the story. Even the title “Wargasm” was classic Killjoys combining violence with sex humor. I can’t wait for season 4!