Ballers (S03E07) "Ricky-Leaks"

What can I say about this episode? This was the longest thirty minute episode ever! It was saved by Ricky Jerret for his is the star in this episode of Baller’s. It was beyond the same old, same old. No real focus on Spencer trying pursued his way through dealings and no Joe being his inept self. We delve deeper into Ricky’s psyche when is ordered to see a therapist due his recent behavior (punching a sixteen year old in the face) by the NFL & New England Patriots.
In his session with his therapist he seems to have anxiety, fear, abandonment and anger. He has a baby on the way & Amber is long gone at this point. He mentioned to his therapist he is now feeling as though there are two people inside of him. He explains that he feels that he has both characteristics of his parents. “Ricky”  on top of the world, The “Jerret” side feels dark, uncaring & reckless. Well, now its all making sense to me now. I’ve always felt Ricky was an arrogant pain in the ass. But due to the brain injuries he’s acquired of the years from playing football, you begin to feel sorry for him after he opens up.
After many sleepless nights and nightmares that are now coming to pass, he seems to subconsciously feel that this new venture is all consuming & is in a sinkhole leading to hell. What a startling nightmare…or is it a prophecy? Finally, Spencer agrees with Joe as far as keeping ASM, the hands on and negotiating and being with the players… AND he’s on board with selling ASM… A True WTF moment for me… (Kanye Shrug). 
On a side note, Fat Reggie (London Brown)  and Joe (Joe Corddry) are truly a favorite comedy pairing of mine. They really play well off of each other!  I was quite nervous when Fat Reggie persuaded Joe to have a “chat” with the NFL’s Ball Buster herself, Candace. I just knew that Fat Reggie was going to turn this meeting into a disaster! I would have never guessed that Fat Reggie could & would charm the beast! Getting Vernon’s four game suspension down to two…WOW! Well Fat Reggie may have found his true calling as “Negotiator.” 
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