Midnight, Texas (S01E07) "Angel Heart"

So, as you can probably tell by the episode title, we’re coming to the angel-y part of the storyline. It’s pretty typical angel stuff, complete with divine prophecy and an epic battle between good and evil. Interestingly though, the battle isn’t that black and white, which is kind of nice. I’m always kind of wary of any storyline, fictional or not, that has everything that neat and clean. As nice as it would be if the good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats, let’s not kid ourselves, life just doesn’t work like that.
So, the episode opens with Joe and another angel. They’re dressed like they share a wardrobe with The Croods. It seems that this is Joe’s first battle with demons (spoiler alert: the angels won,) and the other angel is an old hand. Her name is Bowie and she is hella scary. She also looks like she dresses from the S&M collection at The Limited (though I kind of dig that burgundy coat she’s wearing).
Back to the present: Manfred and Creek are playing house and Creek has decided it’s time to go back to work. Manfred is concerned, but he’s soon distracted by another, more immediate concern, namely Bowie, who is eying Joe’s shop.
Eventually, the Scooby gang (minus the Rev who already had an unpleasant encounter with Bowie) meets at Lem’s and Olivia’s place, where he tells them that angels protect humans but they also hunt and kill demons. Bowie only liked the demon killing part of the job. Can angels be sociopathic? Discuss. She was Joe’s mentor until he walked away from that life, having fallen in love. Bowie might have forgiven that part, but what she can’t forgive is the fact that Joe fell in love with a demon! That’s rights peeps, Chuy is a demon (half-demon, technically, his mother was human, but something tells me that Bowie doesn’t concerned herself with such niceties.). They met when Chuy was being beaten up by sketchy Silk Road traders. Since humans can’t kill angels, they come up with a plan to trap Bowie in hell.
Creek takes a break from work and pops into the church, clearly looking for some peace. She finds the Rev, injured from his encounter with Bowie, and brings him to the diner. Where Bowie is reading Madonna’s mind. Angels may protect humans, but Bowie is willing to make an exception if someone doesn’t give her Joe. Meanwhile, Creek can get her a whisky.
Bowie confronts Joe, who asks her to rethink killing people. They doing the trap, but Bowie manages to avoid the trap and destroy it. She is vaguely amused by Manfred and his ancestor bone (not a euphemism), and mocks him for net warning Creek that her brother was a serial killer. She and Joe start to fight, though Joe is aware that Bowie is far more powerful than he is and sure enough, he is losing the fight. But then, Chuy allows his demonic side to take over and he kills her. And Joe is able to talk him back fairly quickly, especially since last time it took three years. (On a totally unrelated note, I love Joe’s white sweater.)
Manfred goes to the tattoo parlor, at Joe’s invitation, to see the painting and hear Joe’s theory that he is the one prophesied to seal the veil and save, well, probably everyone. He seems dubious, as one would, I imagine. After Manfred leaves, Chuy comes in and tells Joe that he can’t fight it anymore.
At Chez Love Nest, Creek realizes that she needs to be by herself to figure out who she’s going to be. Aww, poor Manfred, he told Joe that only stuck around Midnight for her. Will he stay now? Apparently not, much to his grandmother’s annoyance.
Next week we get two episodes. Stay turned because it looks like the epic battle between good and evil is turning, well, epic!
Other things:
– Okay, what did Madonna get the money for the diner? Color me intrigued.
– So, Olivia’s and Lem’s place is now one big panic room. Ironic really, since any two people less likely to panic than Olivia and Lem would be hard to imagine.
– Dear Lord, how many ancestor parts does Manfred have?
“Good. Because the two of us hiding in a closet is making my head explode.”
“I had some anger issues.”
“Well hey, at least now we know we’re not the only mixed couple in Midnight.”