Mr.Mercedes (S01E05) "The Suicide Hour"

Like always this series doesn’t let you down with every episode. Its a series that everyone can love especially if your a Stephen King fan of his books. Recently its been a good time being a fan of Stephen King, with all of the movies and series’s that have been being made. It’s definitely paying off, but lets get to the review!
So with this fast pace show theres a lot that happens but the main focus was Brady (Harry Treadway) being promoted to be a possible manager for a new location. Which is nice but I honestly thought Lou (Breeda Wool) would be more manager worthy with her witty humor. I would definitely follow someone with that kind of witty humor anytime. But I have a feeling that Brady wont get a promotion after meeting with corporate and corporate seeing him as a major creep show.
We also met a new face that Jerome (Jharrel Jerome) is hanging around with from now on, Tina (Emma Lyle) who as we saw on this episode has quite a shine to Jerome. And by shine I mean likes, really likes. But it will be interesting to see what happens with Tina and Jerome; maybe a relationship or perhaps something bad will happen to where either Tina or Jerome will die and Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) will somehow blame himself. Who knows.
All I can say is that Brady better not do anything to Jerome’s dog or there will be hell to pay. I mean we know that Brady was going to do something to his dog this episode wither it was going to be poisoning or something else horrible. But thanks to Jerome coming home early to save his dogs life. I’m sure that dog is also very thankful for saving his life.
Overall this episode was a good episode and ending with Bill Hodges and Brady having a little conversation over the computer was definitely a good way of ending the episode to keep viewers wanting more with every episode that comes our way. Only 5 episodes left but everyone of them are going to be worth it.
Next episode: Mr. Mercedes (S01E06): “People in the Rain”