IT (2017)

So I have to be honest, when I first heard about this remake being made I was skeptical. But after seeing the film for a free movie screening I am sold that Stephen King has conquered 2017 for film and TV series.
With this movie being a remake, normally they are supposed to be really bad but like I said I was sold after seeing this film. It’s so good, this film stays true to the story written by Stephen King. The villainous clown Pennywise the dancing clown (Bill Skarsgard) is so creepy in this version; if you thought Tim Curry was creepy as Pennywise then you will be super creeped out by Bill Skarsgard’s performance.
The film takes place in the late 1980’s just like the book, in a town known as Derry in Derry, Maine. After Georgie’s (Jackson Scott) mysterious death, seven friends work together to find out who or what killed Georgie. The film delves into how all seven kids come together to fight the evil entity Pennywise. There are so many scenes that will creep you out in this film, like there’s one scene we’ve all seen a glimpse of it in the trailers, the scene I’m mentioning is when Pennywise visits Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) but is cloaked as Georgie and tells Bill “if you come with me you’ll float too, you’ll float too, you’ll float too, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” Seriously though when it came to that scene I was like kid you’re creepy but I love it but my goosebumps were having goosebumps during that scene.
There are so many really good parts to this movie that will make it titled as one of the greatest remakes ever made. If you all loved the original film and appreciated the mini-series but didn’t like it as much as the film then you will love this remake. And amazingly Warner Bros. is already in talks for this film to get a sequel which if they do a sequel it will take place when the seven kids are all adults I mean they would have to.
But before I get too ahead of myself, overall this film deserves to be seen in theaters and it deserves a chance for all of  you to see this awesome movie. Believe me this film is very good and you will all love it! Especially Bill Skarsgard he was phenomenal in this film.
I rate this film: 5/5 stars
IT is now playing everywhere, go see the movie!