The Bold Type (S01E10) “Carry The Weight”


Woow.. this finale.. it was something. I don’t even know what to start with! I feel bombed with so many emotions after watching this episode and I’m already missing the show and trying to figure out what am I gonna do without it until the next season airs. I truly hope The Bold Type is gonna get renewed because it’s crazy how it can affect your life. I mean, it brings so many important topics on the table, like breast cancer, sexual assault and all of them are really hard to present and aren’t always willing to be showed from many reasons. Frankly speaking it’s easy to make a simple TV series which is meant to make people laugh. But it gets something more to make people realize that life isn’t always about good happenings, that there are things, things that really matter, that people won’t feel comfortable to talk about but also should be talked about because we’re surrounded by those who struggle with those things and need to hear how to survive them. I’m happy this show makes us believe there’s always a way to deal with whatever has happened. I truly wanna believe that’s the truth. And I’m glad there’s someone out there trying to make a world a better place by showing problems and possible solutions. I really appreciate writers of TBT for it. But enough with the generals, let’s get to the point!
Jane’s life is about to change soon. She took the job in the Incite and she’s trying to find a good moment to tell Jacqueline about it. While trying that it turns out that she’s given the opportunity to write a story about Mia, who’s a victim of a sexual assault. It’s kinda the brace composition because Jane wanted to write her first article in Scarlet about that and now she gets to write is as her last one. Jacqueline gives her a lot of pressure with this topic, she pushes her too much with the editing, she makes Jane feel like she’s a letdown. But Jane has never been a letdown for Jacqueline. If you ask me she’s been her little version with the same potential to become an amazing writer. I think that’s what Jacqueline has always seen in her. Another myself. I love the connection they have, there’s some unique bond between them. Jacqueline isn’t just a boss, she’s a mentor, she’s a role model, she’s a teacher. Somehow she’s like a mother. When Jane decided to finally told her that she’s been offered a job and decided to take it… well, I started crying. I couldn’t stand the idea Jacqueline won’t be protecting Jane and making her a better writer anymore. The scene where Jane firmly interrupts Jacqueline and the fashion show. It was everything. Jane was convincing, moved, full of truth. It was so obvious it’s a hard move for her. I literally watched this with staring eyes because Jane gave Jacqueline one of the best speech ever in that scene. There are no suitable words to tell, you just gotta see it and you’re gonna know what I’m talking about. Working for Scarlet and for Jacqueline.. it wasn’t just a job for Jane, it was always something more. It kinda was like being a member of a family. Jacqueline was forgiving in that moment and she realized something to which make her stop underestimating Jane. And also it make her come forward as a sexual assault. Yeah, that’s right. I bet nobody see that coming. No worry guys, me either. When she took the weight I couldn’t believe it. It was an amazing twist. But it also was beautiful. Support is beautiful. Not to mention the last capture of Jane leaving Scarlet building with her belongings and passing by Jacqueline being proud of her actions. B e a u t I f u l !
Sutton is a character I’d like to focus about. Her life got a lot more complicated in that episode. Things with Alex were kinda strange after the hookup and they were looking for a moment to straight them and perhaps to define their relationship. Unfortunately when they finally found literally a moment for each other Jacqueline saw them kissing and it all caused a separate meetings with a bord members, and of course, with Richard. Yeap, that’s right. Sutton had to sit there in front of her ex boyfriend she’s still in love with and had to admit she is in relationship with Alex. She had to describe it in details, she was even forced to admit they had sex. I felt so bad for Richard in that moment, also I felt bad for Sutton. She was put in such a hard position and she had no choice but telling the truth. But these truth was painful for Richard and she never meant to hurt him. He didn’t deserve to find out in this way and even if noone could expect that things will turn that way – I still feel sooo baaaaad. I know I probably sound like a total #Suttard shipper and that’s perfectly fine because that’s exactly who I am! It all happened so fast… Moments after that Sutton bumps into both of them at the fashion show, which by the way she’s killing at as a Oliver assistant. She decided to talk to Richard and that scene is one of my favourite. He told her that he regrets how things ended, that he know he should have fought for her. He also told her she looks great. And all of that was just SOOOO PEERFEEECT!!!!!!!!! I would give anything for my ex to act like that, especially so handsome ex, especially the one who can bring me breadsticks for no reason! Am I wrong? But really, my #Suttard heart beated faster during this scene and I could watch it all over again. I’m glad Sutton talked to Alex to and that she was honest with him. He deserved that because he truly is a nice guy. But he’s not a guy she loves. And she should be with the one she love. End of story! I hope it’s still hope for #Suttard and that last scene of them in elevator is literally this hope! The two of them belongs together! How much time it gonna get before they’ll tell each other their feelings?
And some word on Kat too. Obsessing about reaching a 2 mln followers on Scarlet account made her realize that some numbers and Internet it’s not everything in life. That there is something more, there are things she truly desire and they have nothing to do with that twitter she’s taking care of most of the time. Of course her voice matter, the way she helps the world with her tweets matter. But she’s just a human. She deserve to be happy in real life too. She wanna be next to Adena and she should! I’m glad she finally took that leap. I wish all the best for #Kadena !
Together scenes. That’s a power of this show. Supporting each other. Texting, meeting when things aren’t okay. Making some nice gestures, trying to cheer up but also being critical when it needs.
True friendship. No other words could express that. Of course I could quote here all of the scenes, but I feel like this time – deep down you know exactly which of them I have on mind. I’d like to leave you open minded with this thought so you could develop it by yourself. Think about people you’re thankful for and way how to show them that you appreciate their presence In your life. Find your own Jacqueline who has taught you something truly important. Be brave as Jane and don’t hesitate when you can make your dreams come true. Try to make the most of your life and in the meantime, before you realize, there’s gonna be a whole new season of The Bold Type, ready to teach you some new lessons and there is gonna be me talking you about it! See you all ASAP The Bold Type Army!
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