Ballers (S03E08) "Alley-Oops"


In this episode of “Ballers,” they waste no time, for they dive right into the topic of Spencer’s “Swimmers,” IMG’s acquisition of ASM and a “special retreat” for all of those hardworking, yet dysfunctional, ASM employees. Oh boy, this is about to be a great episode! The Doc has called Spencer in for his test results; the nurse refuses to give him any information. Spencer has way too many things on his plate for the day, as per usual, yet he is making an attempt to make an 11am appointment that day. In the meantime, Wayne Hastings Jr. is in Vegas taking his sweet friggin’ time finding the “perfect spot” for the new stadium. Spencer is extremely frustrated with this guy because there is no real sense of urgency on Hastings’ part. But I’m beginning to think that Hastings likes to toy with Spencer’s emotions a bit. The conversations between the two are full of tension (on Spencer’s end anyway), and it keeps things interesting, for sure. If Spencer can remember that Hastings is a huge spoiled-ass rich kid who’s out looking for  exciting challenges and notoriety, then he’ll be okay. 

It’s a busy day for Joe and Spencer, as usual. Joe had a bright idea of taking the employees of ASM to a special retreat. The idea is to break the news to them that their asses are now unemployed in a more zen-like peace-filled environment… Well, of course if Joe is involved in anything, there is no such thing as smooth sailing. First error made: Joe collected cell phones from all employees except two people. Hmm… Okay, second error: He did not make sure ALL employees were in attendance. So, as the laws of nature would have it, a straggler employee comes into work only to witness ASM changing hands. He immediately alerts his coworkers, and all hell breaks loose!
In the meantime, Spencer is at the doctor’s office getting his sperm test results. Turns out his lifestyle is detrimental to his sperm. But of course it is! He’s a pill-popping alcoholic… I’m just saying. Are we really surprised?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ricky Jerret needs to start popping his prescription pills or loose his job with the Patriots. What a conundrum! Ricky has been diagnosed as being Bi-polar. He’s not wanting to take these pills due to the side effects. He’s a young, vital, handsome young stud and is not feeling the idea of sedating his sex life (per the side effects). I can feel him on that.  Just say no to drugs people. 
Nobody likes you, Spencer! Your word isn’t shit and neither are you.
This is the feeling tone that you get once Spencer FINALLY arrives at the retreat. Naturally, all of the ASM employees are super pissed off to the max! Spencer tries to reassure them that the severance pay will be great and they will have employment at IMG. Well, the disgust, scoffs, and eye rolls are very telling. Spencer, you’ve screwed up! ASM employees don’t trust you and are probably plotting your demise! There is one employee that hints at shooting up the office during the retreat. Spencer better watch his back! Joe even brought it to Spencer’s attention that he is selfish and greedy in this quest for global domination. Wow! Salt in the wound? Joe is with Spencer, ride or die. You can’t help but wonder if Joe is done with Spencer and his quest for absolute power.

And it’s about to go down between Seifert and Mr. Greane… I cannot wait for this showdown! Mr. Greane and Shady Seifert continue to butt heads. Mr. Greane is fed up, puts on his big boy undies, heads to the Big Boss’s office and lays everything on the table. Shrewd move? Or is Greane asking for trouble? Will the Shady Seifert get his comeuppance? We shall see what happens in the final two episodes.
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