Fear The Walking Dead (S03E09) "Minotaur"

Finally the second part of season 3 is back and once again the show graced us with a doble episode!
So far the first half of the season left us with Jeremiah “killing himself” for the greater good, or so it was what Maddison said, this death allowed the ranch to make a “peace” deal with the Nation aka Walker and his people.
The ranch looks quiet, everybody is working, doing their stuff. We see Nick, Troy and what’s left of the milicia killing some walkers outside the ranch, everything seems so peachy till they see all the RV’s and cars coming to the ranch, yes, those are the indians claiming their deal.
Now you can feel the tension raising. Jake is in charge along with Walker, and Madison is not so far behind.
So for the new deal between the two groups Jake shows Qata the armory and gives him one of the two keys but noticing that both of them need to be present always. Of course Troy couldn’t keep it to himself and try to provoke the Indians but his brother called him out, oh boy this is not going to end well.
After this Jake calls for a meeting to introduce the new group and how they all need to work together in order to survive and maintain the peace. Qata also shares his mind about it and leaves us with a asertive phrase “Fear creates fury” so let’s leave the fury behind, it’s time to survive!
Since the last two episodes of the first half of the season Troy and Nick have developed a weird “friendship” – “brotherhood” and we see a moment when Troy is at his father’s grave and Nick offers some kind of support, even tho he killed Jeremiah, anyways they keep with this new found relationship and we love this dynamics.
Talking about relationships Alicia and Madison seems to cooperate but there’s still some tension there, let’s be honest Madison wasn’t the best mother with her daughter and now Alicia is taking more control and responsibility in this new world, but she is still a teenager that had to grew up fast.
Seeing how she speaks up her mind and how quickly she catches things it won’t be a surprise if she takes control in case that Jake falls. What can I say? I’m team Alicia all the way!
fear 1 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E09) "Minotaur"
So far it seemed that the new order was going well, but our crazy fellow Troy just can’t control himself and provokes some of the ranchers to retaliate. This can’t be good, and as predicted Terrance, one of Gretchen’s friend, attempts to kill one of the Indians, but he is knocked out and only shoots one of them on the leg. Sadly this doesn’t end well for Terrance, he was just a kid who misses his friend and was influenced by bloody Troy. Crazy Dog choked him pretty hard and we discovered later that he is dying, so there goes another rancher.
Because of this murder attempt Walker asks Jake for the other key of the armory and full control of it, Madison convinces him to do it. Then all the people is forced to give up their weapons to prevent this kind of scene to happen again.
But guess who is the only one left that needs to deliver their weapons? Of course it was Troy!
He is determinate to eliminate the Nation and won’t give up without a fight. Inside of Jeremiah’s house there’s a bunch of automatic weapons but only on person to use them. Nick asks for some time so he can convince Troy to surrender.
Plans don’t last too long in battle right? So Nick ends up in the middle of a massive blind shooting between Troy and the Nation. He tries to reason with Troy, he reminds him that Jeremiah killed himself in order to preserve peace but Troy is deaf to all of this, just about when everything seems lost, Nick confeses what really happened with Jeremiah, and surprisingly or not Troy gives up.
Qata and Madison discuss what kind of law the need to apply for this actions, Walker says banishment and Madi agrees. Troy has to go and Nick will be locked up for a day, Madi don’t like this very much but she knows better, so she just agrees as well.
The Otto’s made their farewell and Jake reminds Troy that he would never be able to come back, even tho they are brothers, Jake seems a little bit relive by this, he knows what’s best for his people and as a leader he needs to accept this deal.
It’s time to go and Troy asks for Madison to take him outside. Once they are far far away from the ranch, the guard that went with them releases the younger Otto requested by Madi. And once again Troy wont go without a fight so took the knife from him and stab and punchs real hard, the poor guy. Madison just is so tired of this behavior and shoots at the air to stop Troy.
fear 3 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E09) "Minotaur"
He tries to talk with Madison, convincer her to kill the Nation and take over again. Sorry Troy, Madi just cant compromise herself with you anymore. After some fisical fight between the two of them, Madison hits Troy and escapes, she points the gun at him, please Troy, give up already! And after some more eye contact he leaves.
So that’s how this episode ends. We also had a little glimpse of what’s going on with Daniel Salazar at the dam, remember he killed Dante and gave the control to Lola Guerrero. They keep giving people water, but like always there’s people that isnt to happy with them.
fear 4 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E09) "Minotaur"
We hope to see more of Ofelia the next episode, even tho many of you aren’t very happy with her for what she did.