Marlon (S01E01) “Pilot”

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A Black ensemble-led sitcom on NBC Universal that’s upbeat, light-hearted, and located in a suburban American setting can’t be too bad, can it? Comedy actor Marlon Wayans brings an alternate version of events in his life to Marlon, that ran for ten weekly episodes Wednesdays from August 16, a half hour of TV for laughs from actor Marlon Wayans bringing his talents as a comedy actor back to television and film.
While the family dynamic, revolving around Marlon’s characterization of himself entails divorce between Marlon and the mother of his children, the show remains a positive, enthusiastic account of a well off US family raising children who bring a level of maturity to the family similar to the Marlon character himself, a well-in-touch dad (and YouTube star). For example, in the pilot episode, while he is taking his kids to see “Slaughter Camp,” his ex-wife is going out for a first date.

Marlon posts videos, going so far as to hashtag the videos “#Marlon”, and cracking jokes for Internet fame, not unlike the fame Marlon Wayans enjoys in real life. If you missed it, and you are a US resident, you can enjoy the show on the official website.

Ostensibly Marlon has six million subscribers now on YouTube, which for the viewer is like watching him make various bad decisions from the seat of a (fictional) Internet audience. There is a Marlon YouTube channel, in fact, and you can find it here:

That a new TV series contains only ten half hour episodes in its first season speaks to the dispensability a first-run TV sitcom enjoys, it doesn’t mean that Marlon isn’t going to make you smile and it doesn’t mean it should be missed.