Preacher (S02E13) "The End of the Road"

The season finale of Preacher did not disappoint. It was a rollercoaster of emotions and surprising moments. Just when you think you have the show figured out, they prove you wrong time and time again. Anything really can happen in this world, and they keep you on your toes till the bitter end.

Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is trying to settle into his new role as “The Messiah”. He isn’t what you would call a very “conventional” Preacher, so he is pushing the limits and forgoing the traditional. Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) has orchestrated everything to his liking, to show off the new savior to the world, even going as far to hire actors to think Jesse and an innocent classroom full of children was in danger. Things look dire when Genesis misfires and doesn’t seem to work, luckily Jesse has a particular set of skills that make him a force to be reckoned with on his own.

Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) has been struggling with his own demons. He is teetering on a precarious edge and one false move could cost him everything. Changing Denis (Ronald Guttman) has brought out a carnal urge to maim and give in to his animalistic tendencies. It’s a risk he’s not willing to take, especially if it could endanger his friendship with Tulip. Sometimes doing the right thing doesn’t always give you the results you expect. When copious amounts of drugs won’t solve the problem, perhaps getting rid of the bigger issue will. We find out just how far Cassidy will go to keep his sanity in tact, as he watches his son burn to death out in the sunshine.

Tulip (Ruth Negga) is tired of waiting around for life to just happen. There is nothing keeping her in New Orleans anymore. Jesse made his choice, and there is no going back. The weight of the decision weighs heavily on her, even though she would never admit it to anyone. A minor run in with a noisy clerk at the corner store exposes just how broken up she is inside. Adapting to this new life would be challenging, but they need to get out of the country and escape the never-ending string of threats. It all comes to a halt when Tulip discovers the camera’s that have been taping their every move, the men in white have been watching.

Meanwhile in hell, the misadventures of Arseface (Ian Colletti) and Hitler (Noah Taylor) continue to grace our screen. They have managed to escape through a series of tunnels and random doors that seem to be everywhere. It seems that they are going through different levels of hell, which bring them to a vast waterfront. Eugene approaches the dark spectre at the edge of the water, explaining his plight. The spectre believes him and calls for a boat that will take him to his salvation. Of course nothing can ever go as planned, so when a very angry Ms. Mannering (Amy Hill) catches up to Eugene and demands he come back, Hitler saves the day. That’s something I never thought I would write, but here we are. A thankful Eugene invites Hitler to join him on his escape to the real world. This can only end badly.

Tulip and Cassidy are almost out of the chaos, when Tulip decides she needs to go and say goodbye to Jenny (Julie Ann Emery). The truth finally comes out, as she discovers that they were the ones watching the entire time. You could cut the tension with a knife, the build up to this moment was long coming. Just as Tulip goes for blood a gunshot rings out into the silence. Featherstone has no quandaries shooting people. She would do anything necessary to keep herself alive.

A frantic phone call from Cassidy interrupts Jesse’s new “rock star” life, causing him to put everything on pause. No matter what has happened between the three, he would never leave them in need. They were still his friends and he would do anything for them. As he rushes off, Herr Starr promises he will be waiting when he comes back, and then he would get the rest of his soul.

Perhaps that has something to do with Genesis not working right, but it’s speculation at this point. Things aren’t looking good for Tulip, it’s a heart wrenching moment when you realize that she isn’t going to make it out of this one. As she dies on the kitchen floor, it’s an unbelievable moment.

Luckily for us, there is always another way. Turning her into a vampire was not an option, but perhaps the cryptic grandma that we keep seeing in Jesse’s flashbacks will be their last and only hope.

Eugene is out of hell and has no idea that the world he knew no longer exists. His father and everyone he has loved are gone, there is no more Annville. It will be heartbreaking when he finally learns of this cruel twist of fate. And Hitler? Well he’s on the run, and that can only mean bad things.

It’s been one hell of a season, here’s hoping they settle on a Season 3 soon. There are so many questions that need to be answered.

God, or should I say Dog is still out there.

Rating: 9/10

This was the season finale of Preacher.

Photo: IMDB