Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"

Last episode we said goodbye to Troy, but for how long?
As I stablished before the Clarks are the real leaders or soon to be of this show.
This episode shows us wether we like or not that Madison’s kids are not so different from her. Nick is more like a the pragmatic / think with the head type, just like his mom he isnt afraid to accept the challenges and do everything in his power to overcome them. For her part, Alicia is more like the moralist / think with the heart kind of type, she won’t hesitate to speak up her mind and she is also fearless like her mother, but with a different point of view of how to get things done. Madison must seem cold sometimes, but without a doubt everything she does is for her kids. This family of three certainly have a lot to give us and keep us entertained.
In the previous episode, Madison discovered in Jeremiah’s desk some maps about the water level in the area and this doesn’t look good. So she calls for a meeting with Jake, Walker, Alicia and Nick to discuss this new problem: “They have less than two months of water”. Isn’t the walkers not enough?
Ok, let’s talk about the important moments of this 10th episode.
At the ranch, so now that Madison and Walker went to the trading post for water, Jake, Alicia and Nick are left on charge.
The new rule:
In order to save water, now people can only take two galons per person per day, of course they are not aware of the real reason for this new rule. Everything seemed perfect, till one of the ranchers tells Nick that one indian made the line twice, we don’t know for sure if this is true, so Alicia tries to talk with Ofelia about it, proposing new ideas to avoid this kind of things, that conversation doesn’t go really well, Ofelia says she has everything under control.
The new leader:
Nick is ambushed by what’s left of the militia and another angry ranchers. They want Nick to take the lead and fight against the Nation for the ranch, because he stood with Troy before. I must say, they have pretty good points there, like: The Nation took control of the weapons and the administration of the water, so yeah, they have every right to be concerned about it, I don’t agree with their methods but this is the apocalypse, talking isn’t enough. Nick kinda hesitates with this proposal, he tries to calm them down but Coops makes a fair point: “where’s the limit of them taking control?”, Nick needs to agree with this.
fear 41 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"
Siblings tough talk:
Even tho the Clark siblings love each other, they never had an easy relationship. And Alicia has always taken care of her complicated and drug addict brother.
She finds the gun the militia gave to Nick and calls him out about it, he seems no to care and tell her is better if he has it so the other guys cant use it. She is not happy about it, and reminds him that they don’t know the true about Jeremiah. Yes, she does know.
At first, she confesses she was sad because they kept her in the dark about it. But also, relief because she hasn’t get the “burden of being mom’s favorite” and lets Nick know that, OUCH there!!
Alicia saves Jake’s ass again
As I say before it won’t be a surprised if the younger Clark takes control in case that Jake falls. The older Otto was having trouble with some of the ranchers about this whole deal with the water and they were questioning his actions. Alicia speaks up and defends him reminding them that he is just trying to keep peace and everybody safe.
Poor Alicia she is just trying to maintain the calmness, after all she is just a teenager and on top of that, Madison told her “she was always the stronger one”, maybe she is, but at some point the younger Clark is too tired to deal with all of this. We know you can girl!!! #teamAlicia
fear 5 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"
Old friends at the trading post
Madison and Walker arrive to the trading post and make a deal with one the sellers, a pretty good one. While they are at it, some men are beating and dragging someone, is not other than Victor Strand himself! As always Victor seems to find trouble everywhere he goes. Madison helps him escape and go into hiding.
Strand tells Madison about his debt and how he can’t leave until he pays it. Walker doesn’t like this very much, who can’t blame him? This new guy appears out of nowhere to complicate their visit.
The three of them spent the night where Strand took them, but peacefulness doesn’t last long. At daylight Strand is found and taken to “pay his debt” (basically he must stay chained outside killing walkers for God knows how long). In the meantime, Qata is sealing the water deal. For his surprise Madi took what they were trading and saved Strand instead.
Walker is pretty upset about, telling Madison she just condemned their people. But Madison doesn’t do things without a thought. This deal was a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Strand can take them to the dam for a long-term solution, let’s see how that goes.
fear 31 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"
Peace ain’t that easy
The militia is trying to get a raise on Nick, the people aren’t happy about this new water deal and the Nation is taking control of everything, how long can this “peace” last?
Sadly it barely lasted two days, while the people were doing the line to get their share of water, a lady rancher tried to took more than she should and Alicia went to stop her. This creates a revolt and the younger Clark can’t take it anymore, shouts at everyone to stop already!
The moral Alicia tries different and tells the truth about the water and how they need to work together if they want to survive, but again the people goes even more insane. Crazy Dog shots at the air and order people to stay away from the waterhole and declares they will take control and administrate the water, here is when Nick sees what Coop told him about “where’s the limit” and steps forward. At first it might have seemed that the older Clark followed the militia’s idea just to keep them controlled and avoid confrontation, but this was just enough for him. He orders the Nation to stay on their side and the ranch at theirs, Crazy Dog doesn’t like and before things escalate quickly Ofelia steps in and calms him down. Now is not the time.
War is coming or not?
The militia just had enough with this “invaders” and they want to take the ranch back. They plan an attack Crazy dog and his men, Nick tries again to persuade them not to, but the anger is just too much.
They arm themselves with bows, spikes and knife and go to attack the Nation.
In the meantime Alicia was watching at the horizon and thinking what just happened, maybe trying to find some hope of what to do, DING DING! She might has found it. A group of indians are searching water with the “dowsing” method, maybe this is a long shot but is better than nothing.
When everything is about to go to hell, Coop sees Alicia and the indians diggings a hole and alerts Nick to move her. But the older Clark has a better idea and goes to help his sister.
fear 21 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"
So that’s how this episode ends, with a little bit of hope. The two groups go and start helping to dig the hole in search for water.
I don’t think this is a final solution for the conflict but It’s a start.
fear 11 - Fear The Walking Dead (S03E10) "The Diviner"
Don’t miss episode 11 next Sunday!