Interview with Baker and Brianna from Below Deck

I interviewed two of the new crew on this season’s Below Deck, Brianna and Baker.  They joined this season as 2nd Stew and deckhand.  Here’s what they had to say about the season.
Why did you sign up for reality tv?
To get a new experience and challenge.  We thought it would be an epic new challenge.
Do you feel you were accurately portrayed on the show?
Yes.  They captured our personalities for sure.  Brianna:  I described myself as a Ghetto Gypsy and they definitely captured that!
Did the cameras make doing your job difficult?
Absolutely, especially at first.  Yachts are tight places to work and the camera crews and their gear made it worse, but as the season went on, we got in synch, almost like a dance with them.  We learned how to duck and move out of the way, and filming became a lot smoother.
Do you feel like you where given enough training before your first charter?
No, we were definitely thrown in the deep end.  Most charters give you weeks to get used to the layout, get trained, etc.  Here we had 24 hours and most of us had limited experience in yachting.  It was a shit show.  Plus, the boat was a complete mess when we got it.
What surprised you most about the season?
Baker:  Seeing other people’s reactions.  I was outside so I didn’t know what was going on inside.  I mainly only interacted with the deckhands.
Brianna:  2 things:  That Jen was so green.  She’d said she had some experience on her resume, but that didn’t translate here.  The other was that Kate was being so judgemental.  She was lumping all the stews in together, without seeing our work.  She was judging me by what the less experienced girls were doing, instead of judging me on my actual skills.
Do you think Kate was too tough on the new stewardesses?
Baker:  I didn’t work with her at all, even though we were roommates.   Our schedules were so different we didn’t even have an actual conversation until weeks later.
Brianna:  I didn’t like that she lumped me in with the inexperienced ones.  She lumped us together, and I didn’t like that.
What do you think will surprise viewers most about this season?
How relatable the crew is.  Most of the crew is completely green, and viewers can relate to having to learn a new job on the fly.  We didn’t have crew saying “I’m senior deckhand, I’m better than everyone.”  Because of that, the crew got along very well.  There’s a lot of emotional struggle, trying to learn the job, especially at first, but as we go on we get a lot calmer.
How do you feel about the crew?
Baker:  The biggest thing was getting to know everyone.  You throw a bunch of strangers in a tight space with 24 hours to get ready for the first charter, you get to know each other well quickly.  Everyone was really nice, friendly, and not derogatory towards junior members of the crew.
Brianna:  Yes, exactly.  Its unusual to find a crew on a yacht that gets along so well.  We were all relatively green, so no one felt superior and that made us feel closer.
What’s the toughest thing about yachting?
That you lived where you worked.  There was no separation.  You worked long hours, doing tough manual labor, and were at the owner’s mercy.  You could have no charters but still have to be available at a moment’s notice if the owner wanted to fly down to use the yacht in between charters, but along with that you get amazing experiences, get to travel to exotic destinations.
What’s the best places you’ve been, either yachting or on personal trips?
Baker:  the Bahamas and Bali.
Brianna:  Spending 4 months in Barcelona.  We had one month with no charters and were docked the whole time, so we were able to really explore.
Is there anything you want the viewers to know?
Baker:  That I run a travel/yachting website where I post blogs, travel videos, and give tips on how to get a job in yachting called
Baker:  That I love the lifestyle yachting gives me, being able to go on adventures, being girly yet dirty at the same time, like I said on the show ghetto gypsy diva.  I’d tell viewers to travel and have fun, get out of your comfort zone.  We’re based in LA, so if you want to meet up with us to go on hikes or things like that, look us up.  My IG is brinicole_belowdeck.
I hope you enjoyed getting to know the new crew members as much as I did and be sure to watch the newest episode of Below Deck on Bravo Tuesday nights at 9pm/est.