Midnight, Texas (S01E08) "Last Temptation of Midnight"

So, we see someone standing over a grave in a church cemetery. It’s a demon who kills the priest and steals his face and the church bus. Yes, you read that right, the demon has no face but can steal his victim’s face and basically become that person.  Eek!
Manfred is driving the RV as far and as fast as possible. Xylda is not happy.
Olivia and Lem in bed and he’s leeching her pain, only he doesn’t stop when she asks. Things are getting weird. And only get weirder when Olivia goes to the diner. She sees the Rev, who is a vegetarian, and he is eating meat.
The demon (not Faceless Dude, the other one) is talking to Fiji. A woman named Janice arrives, and she clearly knows Fiji. She wants some help from her about some depression and dark thoughts. Fiji goes about mixing some herbs.
Xylda is trying to convince Manfred to go back, because she says it’s his destiny. Flashback: Manfred is a little boy and kids are making fun of him for playing with invisible friends (ghosts.). The RV dies in the middle of nowhere. Manfred’s cell is also dead so he decides to start walking.
Janice is admiring Fiji’s athames. The next thing she knows, Janice is getting ready to stab herself, saying that “it needs me to die.” Fiji and Bobo manage to stop her. Janice tells Fiji that she hears the demonic voice, and Fiji knows it’s the same demon she’s been hearing. It feeds on death, which is why the Rev finds dead animals every day. The demon knew Janice was vulnerable. Unlike Olivia, who has silver bullets, useful for vampires and weretigers. Lem has been hungrier than usual, and the Rev has been eating meat.
There is an envelope on the porch for Creek, with a deed and a note from her father who has given her the house and left town.
A trucker pulls up by a priest who seems to have broken down in his bus. But it’s the demon, who kills the trucker and steals his truck. More room for dead bodies, you see.
Manfred is about to collapse from exhaustion and dehydration. He passes out and dreams about Xylda when she was dying from cancer. She’s taking meds and washing them back with what looks like a flower vase full of gin and tonic. She says she doesn’t want to be tied to the world, she wants to move on.  He wakes up and her spirit is talking to him, telling him about her vision, of him in the center of a battle between good and evil. But wait, why is she not tied to the RV any more? Because she’s finished her work, and is moving on. And there is a truck, pulling over to give Manfred a ride. And the driver is none other than Faceless Dude. He’s heading for a Midnight, Texas, where this battle will take place. It seems Manfred was never going to be able to escape Midnight, or his.
Things are getting weirder and weirder between Lem and Olivia. Lem is about to bite when Olivia burns him with a silver bracelet. Chaos ensues. And by ‘chaos’ I mean ‘ a really nasty fight.’
Manfred in the back of the truck with a whole lot of corpses. Yuck! But hey, one of them has a working cell phone! He calls Fiji.
Lem is trying to convince Olivia to let him turn her. Things are really going from weird to downright scary. Olivia stabs him next to his heart as a warning shot across the bow, so to speak.
Creek is now the vulnerable one trying to kill herself with a knife. Luckily the cavalry, in the form of Manfred, saves her. Fiji gives her a potion.
The Lem/Olivia thing is getting ugly. He is trying to turn her against her wishes and she is doing her best to prevent him, which is pretty damn good, but still he’s a vampire, and she isn’t winning. Manfred arrives just in time (again) and sprinkles Fiji’s potion on him, breaking the demon’s hold on Lem and snapping him out of it. He’s horrified, but Olivia doesn’t look raady to forgive and forget just yet.
Faceless Dude is about to set fire to a pile of dead people. He tells Fiji that she has been chosen. The earth opens up and the dead people spontaneously combust, thanks to Fiji’s demon (I couldn’t catch the name). Faceless Dude grabs Fiji, but Manfred has a nifty trick up his sleeve. He asks the spirits of the dead people in the pyre to drag the demon to hell, and they do as he asks. But the problem has only been shelved temporarily.
Creek visits Manfred at his house. He admits he came back because of her, and he no longer has an RV and can’t escape, and that he’s ready to not run anymore. Aww, so sweet! A nice ending to a really scary string of events. We have two more episodes, so we’re definitely getting ready for the Big Battle. Did anyone else miss Joe? And is anyone else sad that we’ve seen the last of Xylda?
Other things:
Is this how Fiji makes a living? And does she do mail order? How much demand could there be for athames in Midnight, really?
So, the vampire thing about only being able to enter a building by invitation, is that a thing in Midnight? Because it seems like Olivia could retract her invitation to Lem and compel him to leave.
How does Manfred know Fiji’s phone number? Who knows anyone’s phone number anymore, except maybe for the pizza parlor you ordered from every Friday as a kid and still can dial the number from memory when you go back to your hometown (or so I’ve been told).
“You sweet, weird kid, you’ve got to quit playing with spirits.”
“Everything dies.”
“I’d leave a note.”