Mr.Mercedes (S01E06) "People in the Rain"

With this being the sixth episode, I gotta say that this episode really  did a great job by focusing on both Deborah (Kelly Lynch) and Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson) on certain things that they have done in their past. More importantly with Hodges, but we will get more to that in a bit. This episode at times sparked our curiosity, we met new faces and yes there were sad parts that tugged at our heart strings. But lets get to the review!
So we saw throughout the episode that Bill’s daughter Allie has quite the bad background. I mean it was revealed that she was a bit of a drug addict, she has had bad situations with drunk driving. And Bill felt the only way for her to learn her lesson is to be locked up in county jail which yeah it sucks but it was either have his daughter locked up or one day find his daughter’s lifeless body in a morgue. If I was in Bill’s shoe’s back then I would’ve done the same thing because you know you are protecting the one you love and your family. But after seeing this I can see why Bill went with the divorce with his wife Donna Hodges (Nancy Travis).
With Deborah (Kelly Lynch) we saw her being sober almost this whole episode, I was feeling really good about that. Like I felt she was going to be victorious in this episode and be sober for the rest of her life. I mean sure she almost screwed Brady (Harry Treadway) from getting to his meeting with corporate but it was for a good reason. Deborah ended up driving into town towards her old place of work, the salon. But she ends up getting tangled up in a lunch date with Chaz (Terry Serpico) who I’ve always seen as a real dick. In this lunch date, Deborah thought it was going to end differently but with Chaz there’s always a price. Chaz wanted her to have sex with him again, just like the old times when she was always getting drunk. But its good that Deborah overpowered the temptation and refused. However when Brady gives her a bottle of Premium Vodka, Deborah had to break the cycle of being sober and go back to her drunk ways. Which I was really sad about, because I was really hoping she would stay in that cycle of sober.
We also got a good look into Brady’s mental psyche in this episode. When he went with his boss Robi (Robert Stanton) to the restaurant to meet with corporate. When corporate started asking Brady questions his mind went to crazy town. Literally crazy town by fantasizing about killing everyone in that restaurant in different ways including his mother. It was only then his mind snapped and he told corporate that he’s done with everything and everyone. When he elaborates its clear that he’s not ready to be in any kind of management. Its only then Brady creates the plan to tell Robi about how he lost his little brother at a young age and that’s what brought upon his mother’s drunk behavior. Robi then feels bad, knowing that he’s going to have to find another candidate for the job but I feel like he should go with Lou (Breeda Wool) am I right? But Robi let’s Brady go with the car to find his mother.
We also met for the first time Holly (Justine Lupe) which I have to say this kid is a weird one but I like that about characters. For some reason I always go for the weird characters especially if they seem to sound crazy but really are not crazy. I think eventually I might like Holly, she seems like the kind of character that will be interesting to explore, it could just be me but I would like for them to explore around her more in later episodes or later seasons if the show is renewed.
Overall this episode was a really good episode and I can’t wait for the next one!
Next episode: Mr. Mercedes (S01E07): “Willow Lake” airs Wednesday September 20, 2017