Dark Matter: Reddit AMA with the cast Tonight!

With Dark Matter being cancelled by SyFy after three seasons, we can admit that the news came as a shock to the gut. Even Joseph Mallozzi said that he had a five year vision for the show.
Here are some events for fans of Dark Matter to get involved in to campaign for the show to show the remaining two seasons.
On Friday, Sept. 15 at 7/6c, there will be a Reddit AMA with the cast of Dark Matter
At 9/8c there will be a critical mission on Twitter. The hashtags will be used and will be revealed 30 minutes before the start time of the event. Here are some important social media accounts to follow for campaign updates:
Follow DarkMatterFTL on Twitter at @DarkMatterFTL
On Tumblr there’s the Dark Matter FTL Drives
And of course, you can follow Joseph Mallozzi’s Blog and his Twitter account @BaronDestructo