Midnight, Texans (S01E09) "Riders on the Storm"

Okay, so previously on Midnight, Texas we learned that the demon feeds on death, which sounds about right, dietarily speaking. I mean, it would be hard to be scared of a demon who feeds on Dunkin Donuts and moonlight. Anyway, the Faceless Dude brought the truckload of dead bodies to Midnight, which for the demon was kind of like drinking a whole lot of Red Bull washed down with a few dozen espressos. We also got the demon’s name; I believe it is Kokomo, or something like that.
This episode opens with Joe and Manfred conferring about the demon when they see Fiji through the window arguing with nothing. It’s a demon who knows that she brings death to those she loves and that’s why Colcannon wants her. The demon’s face is wrapped up and he’s wearing goggles. Fiji sets him on fire, almost toasting her friends in the process.
Flashback: it’s ten years ago and Fiji has just arrived in Midnight to stay with her aunt and Mr. Snuggles. She spots a very pretty young man. We find out later that his name is Jeremy, and he has red shirt written all over him. Her aunt is a witch, and tells Fiji that she thinks Fiji is too. Which is a lot to take in.
Joe and Manfred decide to that the best way to learn how to reseal the veil is to ask the last guy who did it. Of course he’s dead, but that’s hardly an obstacle for Manfred. The supernatural sandstorm is more problematic, and Manfred urges Creek to get out of town and take the other humans with her. But the standstorm has already started, and Goggle Guy is back. Creek doesn’t get very far before she’s in an accident. Between this and Manfred’s RV breaking down, I think Midnight doesn’t like it’s people to leave.
Fiji is pushing Bobo away. Could this relate to the demon’s comment about Fiji bringing death to those she loves? Hmm…
Flashback: Fiji and Aunt Mildred are in a greenhouse for a lesson is influencing the natural world, otherwise known as how to make your plants grow with your feelings. Fiji does so well, one of the plants goes through a pane in the ceiling. Oops. It seems Fiji is pretty darn powerful.
When Manfred, Joe, and the Rev open the coffin, there’s not a lot there, and nothing they can work with. Plan B. When they come out of the church, there are a lot of wraiths; they run for Fiji’s and just about make it. It’s like every childhood game ever, with everyone racing for home before they get tagged.
Creek manages to get her car restarted. She turns around and heads back to Midnight.
Flashback: The greenhouse is full of blooming plants. The pretty young man introduces himself. Fiji is less than friendly.
Cree pulls up and Manfred, with Mr. Snuggles in a cat carrier, hops in. They drive off after the bus with everyone else. Everything is awkward and cute, and Mr. Snuggles tells them to get a room. Hee.
Flashback: Fiji and Jeremy are talking and Fiji’s a lot less prickly. She tells him about when she was angry and set her room on fire with her emotions. Hey aunt sees them kiss and is concerned. She tells Fiji to be careful because her emotions are so powerful.
The tour bus and Creek’s car are being followed by the sandstorm. So much for getting away from it. It’s following them. No, the storm is specifically following Fiji. It seems that she’s a virgin, and a virgin witch is especially powerful. And given what happens when she and Jeremy start to have sex, it becomes evident why Cockapoo wants her. She finally ‘fesses up to her friends, and I’m not sure who is more embarrassed in this scene.
What happened between Fiji and Jeremy? Well, her emotions are so powerful when she gets horny, he is burned to death. Ugh, that could make any woman go out and buy every vibrator on the market. It seems that no sex with Fiji is safe sex, even if the poor guy wears a hundred condoms.
Super sad scene between Lem and Olivia. She tells him that she loves him, but as soon as Fiji is safe and everything is over, she’s leaving Midnight. Kudos to Peter Mensah and Arielle Kebbel, they sell the hell out of this scene, if you’ll forgive the expression.
Manfred has his ancestor’s notebooks and he and Fiji are working on a possible solution. But it’s black magic, and requires a life. Mr. Snuggles offers to be the sacrifice. It seems TPTB aren’t stupid, they recognize when a lame sacrifice when they see it, and give the old cat a miss and take Manfred instead.
Manfred is standing in what looks like a version of Midnight as viewed through a blue filter, and the shaman is there to tell Manfred how to close the veil.
Fiji goes outside to confront Goggle Guy, who removes the goggles and the cloth around his face to reveal…Jeremy! He was sent by Cuckoo Clock because he knew she would listen to him. If she goes willingly, her friends will be spared. If not, well, you do the math.
Manfred is back! He wanted answers, and did his (temporary) death count as a sacrifice? Apparently so. He has the answer, he knows how to close the veil. But Fiji has already left with Jeremy.
Things are really gearing up to a big finish. These last two episodes and the one coming up feel less like episodes of a tv series than a kind of a film. And definitely no neatly vanquished Evil Supernatural of the Week! FTW!
Other things:
– Good thing Fiji’s parents never wanted to visit llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
– What happened to Aunt Mildred? I need to know.
– When did Olivia cut her hair? What did I miss?
“Manfred better get answers from whatever dead guy he’s digging up.”
“Quite the motivational speaker, aren’t you?”
“That explains the sweaters.”