Marlon (S01E09) “Appropriate Marlon”

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Marlon is comedy fare about the relationship between Marlon Wayans and his fictional but inspired-by-reality relationship with his ex-wife Ashley. They are like close friends with the chemistry between them but generally, I think Marlon is grappling with what went wrong because he genuinely loves her.
It is easy to put blame on Ashley, if you muster any emotional investment in the show, for giving up on Marlon too soon.  In “Appropriate Marlon”, Marlon talks Ashley into letting him help her make a play for membership in a snobbish social club, that welcomes Marlon and Ashley into their fold, because Marlon is like a deadbeat playing a crusty intellectual in the eyes of the watchful members of the social club Ashley is hunting.
Marlon is wanting very much for Ashley to be happy. It is sweet, in the sense that Marlon does seem to be a genuinely nice guy, helping “real deal” Ashley into the social circle that she wants.
Marlon ultimately breaks “character”–remember, Marlon is playing the role of an upper-class so that Ashley looks good–and outs several dodgy members of the social club for being, beneath the surface, really just more normal trashy people, both black and white-skinned. Marlon and Ashley, who provide the chemistry in the show because the audience member who enjoys Marlon Wayans’ comedy knows that there is a hint of deceit between the lines of Marlon and Ashley’s relationship, that there remains a spark despite the relationship having ended in divorce
Marlon is a decent show, I feel, running for ten episodes between August 16 and September 13, and which wrapped up Wednesday, airing its final two episodes of the ten. The individual episodes are available on the official “Marlon” website, which can be found here: